Treason, Revealing That Important Information on Social Media

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A petition regarding treason

treasonThere is a petition going around Canada demanding that the RCMP arrest Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for treason. Emails & social media send people to the Petitions24 website. The main web page begins with the 4 paragraphs below.

Justin Trudeau, with the Liberal government, has conspired with known terrorist and former Nazi collaborator George Soros to sell Canada’s Syrian migrant policy to 13 undisclosed countries. Soros’s (Open Society Foundation) role on the world stage is: fund regime change and/or destabilize nations, fund terrorism and import unvetted Islamic economic migrants infiltrated by radical Islamic terrorists under the false pretense of “refugee”.  Trudeau and Soros have just increased migrant entry from 25000-50000+ per year. In 2 more years there will be an army inside the border. 

Considering Canada and “western” nations have been at war with radical Islamic terrorists since 9/11, the Liberal government actions constitute HIGH TREASON (section 1B,1C) and TREASON (section 2A-2E) as defined in the criminal code of Canada and is punishable with life in prison.

This has nothing to do with race or racism. It is about an immigration policy mirrored in europe which is now openly admitted to be a dangerous failure and still… Trudeau has brought it home to you.

The Trudeau Liberals have legislated similar migrant policy, hate speech laws, sharia blasphemy laws, and political correctness as Sweden. Swedish women and children are now suffering the most brutal and violent sexual assaults at the hands of Radical Islamic terrorists. These laws have rendered the police and the male citizens powerless to stop these vicious attacks due to risk of imprisonment. This will be the Trudeau/Soros legacy in Canada should you choose to ignore this issueRead more.

The world is getting better

treasonWatch the TED talk called Is the world getting better or worse? A look at the numbers.

The statistics tell us that the world’s people are becoming more literate, working shorter hours, enjoying more electricity & running water and enjoying much less homicide. The human race is becoming healthier, wealthier, wiser, safer & healthier.

Let’s keep it that way in Canada & get rid of our prime minister.

How to get the message out

The list below gives links on how to use various social media to get this petition message out:




What are we trying to prevent?

Before Justin Trudeau became prime minister, our budget was balanced and our grandchildren could look forward to good future. Trudeau has given billions of our tax dollars to foreign entities such as the Clinton Foundation and an Aga Khan Afghanistan charity. We have to pay for that with increased taxation.

Watch the YouTube videos below to get an idea of the type of immigrant his policies will bring into Canada.

Becoming a Palestinian Bomber
Heritage of the Palestinians


How to Set Up Twitter Ads (with Examples)

My first ad

Twitter adsAfter setting up the appropriate website and listing the product on Amazon, I decided to try my luck with a series of Twitter ads.

The product is an ebook on Amazon. There is more about the ebook below.

There is more about setting up Twitter ads elsewhere in this website. I will be setting up multiple Twitter ads. This blog post will give you information about how I set up each of those ads.

Click here to learn more.

Breaking down the ad

I logged into my Twitter account appropriate for this ad. (I have several Twitter accounts on different subjects.)

For this series of ads, I will be using the Kelowna Virtual Assistant handle (Kva7k).

Below is a breakdown of the various components of the ad you see above.

1. Image

It is just plain silly to have a Twitter ad without an image. I rarely even have any tweet without an image. An image draws attention to the tweet and helps explain what it is all about. Remember that a picture is worth 1000 words.

Twitter adsIf your width and height are not in the proper proportions (2:1), part of your image will be cropped.

See the Photo Resizer blog post to learn more about how to create a properly proportioned Twitter image.

2. Hashtags

Twitter adsThe purpose of the this ad will be to sell an ebook called How to Serve Customer with Disabilities. People use hashtags to find tweets about a particular subject.

Our title is about 2 subjects: customer service & disabilities. So, my two hashtags are #CustomerService & #disabilities.

In order to find how good a hashtag is, I go to and search for it. Among other things, I find its popularity.

In Hashtagify, popularity is a 0-100 rating relative to the most popular hashtag on Twitter. The most popular hashtag will get 100.  A hashtag that is never used would get 0.

The popularity of #customerservice & #disabilities are 67 and 53.5 respectively. Those numbers suggest to me that the two hashtags I chose will help me to get more tweet views.

See the Twitter Hashtags blog post to learn more about how to use & create Twitter hashtags.

3. CTA terms

It’s a good idea to use CTA (call to action) terms. Each of my 2 sentences began with Learn more about. The type of visitor who will be interested in the two main subject matters (customer service & disabilities) will be wanting to learn more.

4. A relative, informative website

The tweet sends the visitor to

5. Training manual

This short tweet gives an extra very short descriptive term for the ebook — training manual.

6. Please retweet

The end of the tweet says Pls RT. That’s a generally accepted abbreviation for please retweet. When a tweet is retweeted, expect more people to see it.

Creating Twitter ads

An unadvertised tweet will be seen by a limited number of people. To make sure lots of people see it, use Twitter ads to sent people to the tweet.

1. Profile picture

Click on your profile picture in the upper right-hand corner of our Twitter page and click on Twitter ads.


2. Create campaign

Click Create Campaign at the top.

3. Website clicks

Click on the Website Clicks or Conversions box.

4. Budget

Set a daily budget (I chose $3/day because I’m just starting) and time.

5. Next

Click Next in the upper right-hand corner and fill in all blanks. Remember that the one thing that matters most on Twitter is Twitter Engagement. That is when someone interacts with the content you post on Twitter. More.

  • Give a Group name (I chose Disabilities)
  • If you’re on a tight budget, select a time frame
  • As an experiment, I chose Maximum Bid of 10 cents. This is much less than the Recommended Range. But, I’m experimenting to see what happens. You’ll learn all about it in this blog post when the analytics come in.
  • Click Next & select your tweet.
  • For the category there a total of 25 main categories with 350 sub-topics from which to choose. I want Customer Service. It’s a toss up between that and Disabilities.                                                                                                                                   So, next time I’ll have a very similar tweet with the category related to Disabilities.                                                                                                                                                                                I found that the best way to see all of the sub-topics was to press Cmd F then the letter “a”. Next I used “b”. I went through all of the letters of the alphabet trying to find a sub-topic that was close to Customer Service or Disabilities.                                                                                                           I could not find one. That’s okay. This is used by our supply partners within the Twitter Audience Platform to determine which Ads will show in their sites. This does not affect targeting.

6. Audience, Gender, Age Range & Location

  • I left the audience space blank
  • Chose Any Gender
  • Age Range of 25 and up
  • Location — I wrote the first few letters of a country and selected Add to enter countries under Locations. Countries were Canada, United Kingdom, United States, Australia & India.
  • Using the same system I entered English in the same box. It appeared under Languages.
  • For Audience Features I typed in Health and selected Health News & General Info. Also typed in Business & selected Marketing.
  • Clicked Next and saw parameters of ad. To make changes, click in left-hand column.



Within minutes of the ad being launched, I had received 2 link clicks.


The 4 Ps of marketing

The 4 Ps of marketing are

  • Product
  • Place
  • Price
  • Promotion

In order for effective advertising to occur, it is necessary to pay close attention to each of the Ps.

1. Product

My own personal bias is that I must sell high quality or nothing. In the past I’ve had too many problems when the quality was lower than I had thought it was.

Twitter adsIn this web post’s example, the product is an ebook being sold on Amazon. Specifically, it is a training manual to train customer service staff how to serve customers who have mental or physical disabilities. (See it on Amazon.)

I man with cerebral palsy, a nurse and I  wrote the book together. We were very diligent, going over every sentence very carefully. Many sections were gone over multiple times. We wanted to create a highly effective training manual. Judging from the testimonials we got, we succeeded in doing that.

2. Place

I’m promoting it on Twitter. That social media works all over the world and it is easy to deliver digital products all over the world. So, I’ll be using Twitter advertising to promote it to the major English speaking countries: United States, Canada, UK, Australia & India.

3. Price

Ebooks are cheap on Amazon. I recently bought a 250 page ebook for $9.99. People expect to get them cheap.

I’ll be having 3 different prices, $2.99, $4,99 & $9.99. I’ll run each one for a week. I will not start counting the first week until I have sold 100 ebooks.

Then I will see which of the prices is the most profitable.

4. Promotion

Step #1 — Create a persuasive website that has all of the important information people would want to know.

Step #2 — Get the product listed on Amazon.

Step #3 —  Create highly effective Twitter advertising. That’s what most of this blog post is about.



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Okanagan Valley Quiz

Test your knowledge of the Okanagan Valley

How much do you know about the Okanagan Valley? You have 8 minutes to complete this quiz.






Welcome to your 15 Question Okanagan Valley Quiz

1) What is the largest community in the Central Okanagan Valley?
2) How many km of SHORELINE are along the eastern shore of Okanagan Lake?
3) How wide is Okanagan Lake at its widest point?
4) What cities are on either end of Okanagan Lake?
5) What is Kelowna’s average daytime temperature in the summer?
6) Which fruits are first to harvest in the Okanagan Valley?
7) What part of the Okanagan Valley has been described as one of the most beautiful parts of the Trans Canada Trail?
8) How long is the usual golf season in Kelowna?
9) The Okanagan Fall Wine Festival in October is ___?
10) The Kettle Valley Railway Trail in Myra Canyon take you  ___?
11) What 3 minerals did the Kettle Valley Railroad ship from the mountains above Kelowna?
12) How many Kettle Valley Railbed trestles were damaged in the 2003 Okanagan Mountain Park fire?
13) How much did it cost to replace all of the damaged trestles?
14) In what year were the Myra Canyon trestles reopened after reconstruction?
15) Where in Kelowna can you feel a live crocodile?

Okanagan Valley








Enhance your social media marketing. Learn how to create this type of quiz. There is no charge.

Okanagan Valley

Click here to learn more.


Twitter Hashtags, Which Ones to Use

What’s the point of Twitter hashtags?

The point of adding Twitter hashtags to your post is to help people find your tweet.Twitter hashtags For instance, suppose you want to upload your latest cat video. You may tweet: Here’s my latest #cat video. When people go to Twitter to find cat videos, they can search for #cat. Your tweet is more likely to be discovered.

If you search for “cat” without the hashtag, you will get different posts. A #cat in the post means that the writer wants people to find his post.

Multiply your chances

The ideal number of hashtags is two. A website at will help you find that second hashtag. Go to that website and enter “cat” into the search box. You will get a list of the ten most popular hashtags that accompany “#cat” in a tweet.

You find that 7.3% of all tweets that use #cats also use #cute. So, you may refine your tweet to this: Here is my latest #cute #cat video.

Click here to learn more.

Which Twitter hashtags are best for you?

Enter this into your address box: That will give you statistics for your particular twitter account.

Doing that I found out that the top media tweet from the past 28 days had 112 impressions. That means that 112 people saw it.

The hashtags in that tweet were #animated and #GIF. So, of all the hashtags I used in the past 28 days, that is the hashtag pair that is most likely to give me the most impressions.

The following was my next tweet. Learn how to make an : . The GIF tells you to click here. Instead, click on URL above.

It is possible to upload animated GIFs to Twitter. So, I should be uploading them and using #animated & #GIF as hashtags. Then people will be more likely to see my tweets.

4 steps: uploading animated GIFs to Twitter?

  1. Find your animated GIF. (Click on the animated GIF below to find out how to make them.)
  2. Compose your tweet. Make sure it has 2 hashtags.
  3. Click on the camera icon
  4. Click on your #animated #GIF from the list of files




Social Media Buttons, Visitors Share Your Posts

Social media icons
social media buttons Multiple social media logos reflected 700 x 400

It is a good idea to have social media buttons at the bottom of every blog post.  Make it easy for visitors to share your blog post with their social media connections.

social media buttons Icons with PinterestThe buttons on the right are from the bottom of this page.  If a visitor clicks on the Twitter logo, they can share a link to this page on Twitter and so on.  Click on the grey icon and they can print the page.  Click on the plus sign and they have access to around 200 different social media.

Free social media buttons

Get the code to have free social media buttons like I have at the bottom of the page.  Go to  Sign up and then click the Get the Code link at the top of the page.

HTML code for social media buttonsCopy the code into your clipboard, go to the bottom of your WordPress post in text view and paste the HTML code to the bottom of the page.

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A Suzanne Perazzini article says

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A Clear Edge Marketing post says

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YouTube video

The video below may help you get a better understanding of exactly how to add social media buttons to your blog post.

Social Media Icons Pinterest

Watch the above SlideShare presentation on the SlideShare website.




Peter Enns has been developing websites since 1996. He is a social media blogger and author of the free YouTube video-creation tutorial called 7 Day YouTube.


Visuals to Enhance Your Message

Grab their attention for a few seconds

Visuals Cliffs from below 400

Website visitors are impatient.  They need visuals to distract them.  If they are not really interested in the first 3 seconds, they will probably leave your page.  So, use images with a “wow” factor to grab their attention.  The special picture should be above the fold if possible.

A picture is worth 1000 words

The brain processes a picture much faster than text — 60,000 times faster.  So, a picture is probably worth much more than 1000 words.

What makes visuals different from text?

  • Visuals are stored directly in the long-term memory
  • Text is stored in the short-term memory
  • Images increase comprehension, recollection and retention to a greater extent than text does
  • So, people are more likely to remember things on your web page if text is accompanied by a picture
  • Pictures enhance emotions more strongly than text.
  • Pictures engage the imagination to a greater extent than text
  • Pictures heighten creative thinking to a greater extent than text
  • The brain processes everything about a picture simultaneously
  • With text, the brain processes it one word at a time


Souces of visuals

SVisuals kitch optionsWhen you are explaining things, it often helps if you use a program such as Skitch to grab part of an image to explain a point.  Visuals help us decode text.

Sometimes, or probably usually, visitors will leave your page if you do not grab their attention within the first few seconds.  I often go to Adobe Stock and pay $3 for a photo that will “wow” people long enough to get them to read the page. 

Note that to use Adobe Stock you must pay $30 USD per month for 10 photos. If that is too much, try the nocostimages alternative.

Try going to 8 sources of free stock images.

Reduce the size of some images

Note that these Adobe Stock pictures will be very large and therefore slow down the speed at which your website opens.  So, to avoid losing viewers, use GIMP to reduce the size of an image.

If you have a 3 MB picture and drag a corner to make it smaller, it will still be a 3 MB picture.  So, go to GIMP and use used Image > Scale Image to reduce the size of a picture.

Today I had a 1.3 MB picture that was 700 pixels wide.  I used GIMP to reduce it to 400 pixels wide.  It was only 400 kB.

Social media marketing

Cliffs from below 400

I rarely make a social media post without having a photo that grabs people’s attention.  I’ll take the best picture from a blog post and have an image upload with that same picture in my posts on

  • Twitter
  • Facebook page
  • Google+

Each social media post will link back to the blog post.  The picture with a “wow” factor helps people to stay on my social media post long enough that they end up going to the blog.

The fold

The fold is the position on a web page where the majority of browsers viewing the page will begin to scroll.

Megabytes & kilobytes

A Mb is approximately 1000 times larger than a kB.  Specifically,

  • 1 byte = 8 bits
  • 1 Kilobyte = 1024 bytes
  • 1 Megabyte = 1024 Kilobytes

The Bitly address, is an easy-to-remember web address for the Dreamstime website. Dreamstime has a collection of tens of millions of photos, illustrations, video snippets, etc. The lower quality images are free. The higher quality ones cost money. Dreamstime can be a very good source of free images.

In the above screenshot, someone searched All Content for pictures that represented designing websites.  What if your designing websites picture must match the blue colour in your header. Then you would add the word blue to your search term.


Peter Enns has been developing websites since 1996. He is a social media blogger and author of the free YouTube video-creation tutorial called 7 Day YouTube.


Hashtagify to Compare Related Hashtags

 A Hashtagify me glossary

This blog post will tell you more about how to use the website.

When you first search for a hashtag on Hashtagify, you get a cluster of correlations like the one like the one above.

In the above correlation, I searched for this hashtag: #SocialMediaMarketing. Hashtagify came up with this cluster of hashtags that Twitter users also use when they use the hashtag #SocialMediaMarketing.

When you hover your cursor over one of these hashtags, you get data like the one beside the red arrow. That data showed that28.8% of the time when people use the hashtag #SocialMediaMarketing, they also use the hashtag #SocialMedia.

For instance, suppose your tweet was about Facebook.  So, you would choose #Facebook as a hashtag in your tweet.  Correlations include socialmedia and Twitter. 11.5% of tweets that have #Facebook also have #Twitter.  So, it may be good marketing strategy to see if #Twitter could logically fit into your tweet.

To learn just about everything you need to know about Hashtagify in general, you can go to the Hashtagify Encyclopedia.  In the meantime, these are some of the more important things you should know:

Correlates — The top related hashtags.  This is measured as a percentage of the tweets using the searched tweets that also used the related one.

• The higher the correlation, the larger the font.
• A great popularity has nothing to do with the font size.
• If you click on a correlation word, you will find new hashtags related to that correlated word.

Correlation — This number is measured as the percentage of tweets using the searched hashtag which also use the related one.

Popularity — This is a 0-100 rating relative to the most popular hashtag on Twitter. The most popular hashtag will get 100.  A hashtag that is never used would get 0.

Weekly & Monthly Trends — This tells how much the popularity of a hashtag has increased or decreased in the time frame. Scroll down to find the trend graph.

Top Influencer — The Hashtagify Me list is created based on the activity of each user for that hashtag, on the engagement the activity creates and on its reach.

Earn a percentage of the selling price for every book sold.

Click here to learn more.

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9 hashtag tips

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Hashtagify for Twitter hashtag research

Mike Marko‘s website says

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Auto Responder Setup with Twitter

Auto responder with an automatic message

When you get a brand new Twitter follower, you want them to feel welcome.  This blog post tells you how to set up an auto responder welcoming your new followers.

Remember, Twitter is a SOCIAL media.  People want to socialize.  If you try advertising a product in your welcome message, they may just end up unfollowing you.  You will use the message to simply start building a relationship.

You will be using a website called Social Oomph.  They can help handle much of your social media marketing with Twitter at a very low cost.  If you want to use their services for other social media, there is a charge.

Also, if you want to use this auto responder feature, you will have to upgrade to a service for which there is a small charge.  After step #6 below, you will be asked to upgrade.

9 Steps to set up your automatic Twitter message

auto responder1. Go  to and sign up or login.

auto responder

2. Click on “sign up now” to register your new user account.

3. Go to Networks > Connect Social Account.

auto responder

4. Make sure the Twitter tab has been selected.  Then click the Authorize Access button.


5. Fill in your Twitter username & password to let SocialOomph access your Twitter account.  Click the blue Authorize app button.

6. Click on Following > Follow-Back & Auto-Welcome.

7. Click the Configure button.

8. Fill in the form.  For my auto-DM to new followers I said: Thank you for following me. Virtually all of my Tweets are about social media marketing. Please note that video is becoming increasingly more important in social media marketing. YouTube videos are one of the best forms of social media marketing. Animated GIFs are being used more in emails and web pages. To find a free 7-day tutorial to help you with video & animated GIF production, go to

9. Any time you want to change your message, simply click the Configure button again.

Free Social Oomph features

To find the free features that come with Social Oomph, go to

Earn a percentage of the selling price for every book sold.

Click here to learn more.

Alternative Auto Responder

The Blogspot website talks about an alternative auto responder called Tweeter traffic.  They say

Gain masses of traffic using our completely automated Twitter auto-responder software! Create campaigns, add in your keywords & import your accounts & then our software will research Twitter for your keywords & send replies to your target market!   Read more.



Peter Enns is a social media blogger and author of the free YouTube video-creation tutorial called 7 Day YouTube.


Twitter Symbols to Speed Up Tweeting

 What is the meaning of those 5 Twitter symbols beneath the text of a tweet?

1.Media.  The first of these Twitter symbols allows you twitter symbolsto enter an animated GIF from your computer.  Watch this being done in the animated GIF to the right. Alternately, you can add a video or up to 4 images.   More.
2. GIF. This will give you a choice of GIFs to add from Twitter’s library of GIFs. (Read “mentions” below to know when & when to not use the period in front of an @ sign in your replies.)
3. Polls. Twitter polls are a Twitter feature which allows you to ask a question that other users can vote on within a tweet. You can have up to four answers and run the poll for as long as a week. Twitter tallies all the votes in the background and shows live results. Once finished, the tweet displays the final result. More.
4. twitter symbolsEmojis.  All sorts of emojis including smiley faces, flags and more.
5. Schedule.  To schedule your tweet to upload at a later time.

Hashtags & “at” symbols

 Two other Twitter symbols you should know lots about are the hashtag and the “at” symbol (@).

Hashtags are what we call a word or words that we want to call attention to.  If there is more than one word, there cannot be spaces between them.  Thus social media marketing would become #SocialMediaMarketing.

Hashtags:twitter symbols

♦ Make it easier to search for a particular topic.
♦ Make it easier for Twitter users to explore content that catches the eye.
♦ Should not be used more than twice in any tweet.
♦ Make it easier for particular groups of people to connect with each other.
♦ Help people cut through digital clutter and focus on the information they want.
♦ Are also used in other social media sites such as Instagram, YouTube, Google+ and Pinterest.
♦ Makes it easier to find your target audience when posting.
♦ Compel an action.  When a visitor sees a hashtag of interest, they are more likely to investigate that hashtag.
♦ Increases the amount of information put in front of a person.
♦ To use Twitter hashtags most effectively, spend the extra few minutes to use Hashtagify.





Twitter Analytics

To help you learn which of your hashtags are working well, use Twitter Analytics.  They will even show your top tweet and your top media tweet for the month.  (A media tweet is one that includes an image, a video or a vine.)

To find your Twitter Analytics, click on Profile Picture > Analytics.

@ sign

twitter symbols

The @ sign followed by someone’s username tags that person in a tweet.  Two different types of tweets use the @ sign — replies and mentions.


The example above is a reply.  Someone by the name of Henry Enns replied to a post by SMMktg7.  A reply tweet starts with the at sign (@) in front of someone’s username.  @SMMktg7 is seen only by the person being replied to and by people who are being followed by both Henry Enns and SMMMktg7.

If someone starts a tweet with @YourUserName, you will see that in your main timeline if you follow the person.

Twitter reply


Mentions have the @ sign in front of the username within the tweet.  It cannot be at the beginning. (If it is at the beginning, it is merely a reply.) It shows up only in your feed, in the feed of the person being mentioned and in the feeds of people following both you and the mentioned person.

If there is a period in front of the @ sign in either a mention or a reply, anyone within the tweeter’s feed can see the post.

Mention in tweet

Learning the meaning and implications of all Twitter symbols can enhance your Twitter experience.


Suppose you wanted to send a private message to someone. No one but you and the person receiving the message could see it. You simply use the @ sign at the very beginning.

For instance, what if the help desk’s Twitter handle was @ComputerHelp. You would begin your message with @ComputerHelp. Only you and the help desk would see any of the messages you exchanged.


How get retweets

An online article entitled What Fuels a Tweet’s Engagement has the statistics that you see in this screenshot.