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Auto responder with an automatic message

When you get a brand new Twitter follower, you want them to feel welcome.  This blog post tells you how to set up an auto responder welcoming your new followers.

Remember, Twitter is a SOCIAL media.  People want to socialize.  If you try advertising a product in your welcome message, they may just end up unfollowing you.  You will use the message to simply start building a relationship.

You will be using a website called Social Oomph.  They can help handle much of your social media marketing with Twitter at a very low cost.  If you want to use their services for other social media, there is a charge.

Also, if you want to use this auto responder feature, you will have to upgrade to a service for which there is a small charge.  After step #6 below, you will be asked to upgrade.

9 Steps to set up your automatic Twitter message

auto responder1. Go  to and sign up or login.

auto responder

2. Click on “sign up now” to register your new user account.

3. Go to Networks > Connect Social Account.

auto responder

4. Make sure the Twitter tab has been selected.  Then click the Authorize Access button.


5. Fill in your Twitter username & password to let SocialOomph access your Twitter account.  Click the blue Authorize app button.

6. Click on Following > Follow-Back & Auto-Welcome.

7. Click the Configure button.

8. Fill in the form.  For my auto-DM to new followers I said: Thank you for following me. Virtually all of my Tweets are about social media marketing. Please note that video is becoming increasingly more important in social media marketing. YouTube videos are one of the best forms of social media marketing. Animated GIFs are being used more in emails and web pages. To find a free 7-day tutorial to help you with video & animated GIF production, go to

9. Any time you want to change your message, simply click the Configure button again.

Free Social Oomph features

To find the free features that come with Social Oomph, go to

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Alternative Auto Responder

The Blogspot website talks about an alternative auto responder called Tweeter traffic.  They say

Gain masses of traffic using our completely automated Twitter auto-responder software! Create campaigns, add in your keywords & import your accounts & then our software will research Twitter for your keywords & send replies to your target market!   Read more.



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