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Social media icons
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It is a good idea to have social media buttons at the bottom of every blog post.  Make it easy for visitors to share your blog post with their social media connections.

social media buttons Icons with PinterestThe buttons on the right are from the bottom of this page.  If a visitor clicks on the Twitter logo, they can share a link to this page on Twitter and so on.  Click on the grey icon and they can print the page.  Click on the plus sign and they have access to around 200 different social media.

Free social media buttons

Get the code to have free social media buttons like I have at the bottom of the page.  Go to  Sign up and then click the Get the Code link at the top of the page.

HTML code for social media buttonsCopy the code into your clipboard, go to the bottom of your WordPress post in text view and paste the HTML code to the bottom of the page.

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YouTube video

The video below may help you get a better understanding of exactly how to add social media buttons to your blog post.

Social Media Icons Pinterest

Watch the above SlideShare presentation on the SlideShare website.




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