GIF, How to Make an Animated GIF

GIF, aka Animated GIF

GIFBelow we explain how to make an animated GIF in about 7 simple steps. People often simply call them a GIF.

You start with a single video clip on your ScreenFlow timeline. Then you follow the simple instructions below.

 An animated GIF in 7 steps

  1. In ScreenFlow, go to File > Export.
  2. Write your title,
  3. Decide on the folder that will hold your animation,
  4. Click Manual,
  5. Click Animated GIF,
  6. Choose size and
  7. Click Export.





Above is the ScreenFlow timeline we referenced in the second paragraph.


Below is a video explaining what we discussed above.


Adding variety

GIFAdd some variety to your animations using such things as reversing clips. For instance, the orange here originally fell off the boy’s head. It was reversed to make it look as though the girl had tossed it onto his head & it stayed there.


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