Facebook marketing with a Quiz

Add a quiz to your Facebook feed

This Facebook marketing post tells you how to promote your business with an entertaining quiz in your Facebook feed. The first part of this post will actually be a review of the Quiz and Survey Master WordPress Plugin.

Note that the word “entertaining” is highlighted. That is because Facebook is a social media. If you are using this quiz to promote your business, that must be a secondary property. If the quiz is not primarily entertaining, expect people to stop reading your posts.

The quiz you see in the picture has 15 questions. You can see the actual quiz here. Only one question is of a commercial nature.

How to add a quiz to Facebook

In order to create the quiz, you will need a WordPress plugin called Quiz and Survey Master. The instructions on this page will not help you much at all unless you are using WordPress.

Facebook marketingToday’s WordPress site shows that Quiz and Survey Master has 433 reviews. 398 of them are 5 Star reviews.

Today’s sample quiz has geographical questions about the area in which your business resides. For Facebook marketing purposes, you may ask ONE question that promotes your brand by forcing people to go into your business website to get an answer. The other questions should not be related to your business.

Other questions should be entertaining. Questions in the sample quiz are aimed at visitors to the Okanagan Valley. You can see the sample questions here. To write the quiz you will make radio button multiple choice questions by adding 3 wrong answers to each right one.

Look at the Okanagan Valley Quiz now.

Click here to learn more.

Getting started

Facebook marketingIn your dashboard, click Plugins > Add New. Insert “quiz and” into the Search Plugin box. You will see the QSM logo
beside Quiz and Survey Master. Click Install Now and then
. Quizzes/Surveys will show up near the bottom of your black column.
Click on Quizzes/Surveys in theFacebook marketingblack column. Another Quizzes/Surveys shows up. Click on it. Towards the top of the page you will see the name of the panel, Quizzes/Surveys. Click the Add New button beside it.Facebook marketing
You will now begin to add questions and four possible answers to each question. You insert the question into the large box at the Facebook marketingtop. Below that you will give 4 different but related answers. Put a check mark beside the correct answer in the Correct Answer column. In the example above the correct answer is 270km.


Facebook marketingAfter you have added your questions and answers, you edit the options. Read over the basic settings page. Click 0n Quizzes/Surveys in the black column and then the other Quizzes/Surveys link. It will give you the names of the quizzes you have created.

Notice that each quiz has a different shortcode. If you insert the shortcode into the visual view of a post you are editing, that will become the entire quiz when you view the saved page.

Facebook marketingClick Edit underneath the name of the quiz you wish to edit. That will give you a set of tab links.

In this post, we are talking about a multiple choice quiz with radio buttons. You will click on the Add Question tab, type your question and then click the Add New Answer button. You will add 4 answers for each question. You will click the check box beside the correct answer.

Do what the Basic Settings page says and go to the next link as suggested at the bottom. Whenever you are finished a page, go to the Next link at the bottom.

Below is a list of the tabs that were important for the creation of the Okanagan Valley Quiz used in our example.


Much of this is discussed several paragraphs above this one. Three things were not mentioned:

  1. After you have added your question & 4 possible answers, click the blue Create Question button to save it.
  2. Three lines above that button is a line called Question Order. Click on the right end of the line and a set of dropdown arrows shows up. Use that to
    change the order of the questions.
  3. To delete a question, click on a question and then click on the red Delete button.


Use this tab to add text before and after your quiz. There are a couple dozen variables with percentage (%) signs on either end.

The beginning of our sample quiz said, “Welcome to your 15 Question Okanagan Valley Quiz”. “15 Question Okanagan Valley Quiz” was the variable represented by %QUIZ_NAMES%. To add that opening line, I typed “Welcome to your ” and then copied & pasted %QUIZ_NAMES% right after it.


Read each option and make changes as you wish. In the section about Facebook & Twitter Shares, click the No radio button.

Do not forget to click the blue Save Changes button when you’re done.

Results Pages

This page will help you with your Twitter & Facebook marketing. Add variable to allow you to share on Facebook & Twitter. You might want to add something like Click to add your results to your %TWITTER_SHARE% page.  This could be follow in the same panel by Click to add your results to your %FACEBOOK_SHARE% page.

Click the blue Save Results Pages button.

Add quiz and begin Facebook marketing

Add your Shortcode to the WordPress post on which you wish to have the quiz. The Shortcode will have qsm and the quiz number inside square brackets.

Do the quiz once yourself. After you are finished, click the share on Facebook link. You may want to edit that post to make sure that people see how to take the quiz. If you are serious about Facebook marketing, you will also want to let people on one of your Facebook Pages know about the quiz.

Other social media

As well as Facebook marketing, you will want to add posts to Twitter & Instagram. Make sure those posts have good hashtags. Make sure the posts get people enthusiastic about taking the quiz.


If the question below is not your problem, you can find support here. Note that the creator of this app is very busy. It could take a day or two to get an answer.

Q. My timer stays at zero after I refresh the page. So, the radio buttons are greyed out and I cannot do the quiz.  What should I do?

A. You should clear your cache. Read how clear the Google Chrome cache. For other browsers you’ll have to do an online search.

The plugin stores the timer info in your browser cache to prevent users from continuously closing and opening new tabs to reset the timer when filling out exams. However, you should still be able to submit the quiz once the timer hits zero.

Q. I’m answering my own quiz. The results page says that I got fewer right than I really did. What’s wrong?

A. In all likelihood, the check mark is missing beside some of your correct answers. So, in the Quizzes/Surveys link in your dashboard, click on Questions and then click on a question to find the edit link. Scroll down to the answer and make sure a check mark is beside each correct answer. If you made a change for any one question, click the Save Question button.

More information

To see lots more information about Quiz & Survey Master plugin, go to their documentation page.



VAPeter Enns has been developing websites since 1996. As a VA (virtual assistant), he specializes in new website development, researching and writing blog posts and creating videos for YouTube and as animated GIFs. He is a social media blogger and author of the free YouTube video-creation tutorial called 7 Day YouTube.


Instagram Uploads from a Mac Desktop

Uploading photos from a smartphone

Instagram was designed to help you upload photos from your smartphone. However, perhaps you want to upload photos and even MP4 files from a desktop.

You may be frustrate with the free programs such as Deskgram or Gramblr. Perhaps they are working for you in a hit or miss pattern.

InstagramThere’s an answer for you.  It’s called Uplet.

Uplet was developed for the express purpose of helping you upload images & short (3 – 60 seconds) videos to Instagram from your desktop.

Getting started

  1. Go to the App Store and download Uplet. (Costs less than $14.)
  2. InstagramDuring final download process you will be asked for Instagram username & password
  3. Username & password will be saved in your hard drive. You’ll never have to use them again!
  4. To upload a photo or video, click on plus sign
  5. You will get the Pictures folder from your hard drive
  6. Double-click on the name of the picture or video you wish to upload
    1. Note that you can upload more than one picture at the same time. You click on a file name, hold down the Shift key, click on the file name of the last picture and press enter.
  7. Click Share
  8. InstagramYou will get the message “All items were shared successfully”
  9. Go to Instagram.com.
  10. You will see the square part of the inside of your picture
  11. Add comment & press Enter
  12. You will get another comment box
  13. Enter about eleven hashtags into that comment box.
  14. If the event that you do not want your picture to appear as a square, click the rectangle icon near the lower left-hand corner
  15. You will see a wider picture

Click here to learn more.


How to find eleven hashtags for Instagram

  • InstagramGo to hashtagify.me and enter your main hashtag in the upper right-hand corner
    • You will get the 10 most common hashtags that accompany your main hashtag in Twitter
  • Go to Google Trends
    • See how your main hashtag is trending
    • Scroll down & look for related hashtag ideas
  • Use hashtags that describe your picture

Find a particular person’s pictures

InstagramIn the Instagram search box, enter the person’s username and press Enter.

Animated GIF & Instagram

As of this post, it is impossible to add an animated GIF to Instagram. So, what I do: Using ScreenFlow,  I string a number of the animated GIF snippets together in form a video less than one minute long. Then I export it as an MP4 file. I upload the MP4 file into Instagram. When people click on the picture, it looks like an animated GIF.

See this example.














Free Stock Images

    13 sources of free stock images

    • Better Google rankings if you use images
    • Each of the 12 links below go to a website full of free stock images.
    • Stocksnap.io
    • Pexels.com
    • Pixabay
    • On Dreamstime you can use search terms to find free images.  For instance, I entered “tall buildings” in the search box and saw 31
      search_tall_buildings-black-outlinefree pictures of tall buildings. If you are not on this web page and wish to go to Dreamstime, bit.ly/nocostimages will get you there.  Dreamstime has tens of millions of pictures & short videos from which to choose.
  • Go to the freeimages website (freeimages.com) and sign up for a free account and get free stock images.
  • download free photosAnother excellent source of free stock images is Picjumbo.  Every day more gorgeous free pictures show up.  They are available for free, even for commercial use, with no restrictions.    Important note: To get a free download into your Downloads folder, click on any image. Then click on the button to the left that says “FREE download”.
  • Gratisography is another site with royalty-free photos.  It does not have the excellent search feature that Picjumbo has.
  • Unsplash has free stock images — mostly landscape photos.
  • Little Visuals is another source of free landscape photos.
  • After writing this post, I found another source of free images: DeathtotheStock.
  • And another one: Superfamous Studios.
  • Think about the category of high resolution images you want
  • Enter it in the search box
  • More free photos at public domain photos.
  •  Get free fitness, weight loss, and food photos

  • More free image websites


How to download free stock photos from FreeImages

  • Suppose you wanted a stock photo of a dog
  • Enter dogs in the freeimages.com search box
  • Many hundreds of pictures of dogs
  • 80% of the pictures free
  • 20% of them have a price
  • That’s how freeimages makes their money
  • Pictures with a price tag can be as cheap as $1.
  • More specific
  • Picture of a Dalmatian dog
    • Enter Dalmatian in the search box
    • Several dozen stock photos of Dalmatians.




  • After you see a thumbnail of a Dalmatian picture you want, click on it
  • Gives you a page with a larger picture and a download button.





  • Clicking on the download  button gives a large image
  • To save it in computer, right click and select Save image as.
  • This service dependent upon members sharing photos
  • So, if you become a member, upload some of your best photos
  • Let other members use them as royalty free images

Combine your free stock images

Pin it with Pinterest

After you download a number of images, the cheapest way to edit them is to use PhotoEditorX. It’s virtually the same as Photoshop which costs $120/year. PhotoEditorX costs $47 to download. The download comes with huge numbers of instructional videos. There are never any other costs.

To order it, simply scroll to the very bottom of that PhotoEditorX link and click on “click here to download now”.

High resolution and free stock images

  • One minor problem with high resolution images is the size
  • Just PART of it may occupy entire computer screen.
  • I solved that stock photography problem with Skitch
  • Look at the stock photo in Finder
  • Expand the finder as much as possible
  • Capture it with Skitch
  • Save with a descriptive name.

My photo is never too large now.






Peter Enns has been developing websites since 1996. He is a social media blogger and author of a free YouTube tutorial. It’s called 7 Day YouTube and will teach you how to make entertaining videos & animated GIFs.