GIMP free photo editing software

GIMP is a free open-source photo editing suite similar to Photoshop.  (However, if you want GIMP plus lots of tutorials, you can pay $47 and buy PhotoEditorX.)  GIMP is used for

  • Abstract Sky Lake Tree OrangePhoto retouching,
  • Image composition,
  • Painting,
  • Format converting,
  • Text manipulation and
  • Much more.

Free GIMP download

GIMP toolbox and tool options

As far as free software is concerned, rest assured that GIMP is the best photo editing software available.

However, when you download GIMP, here is what you have to be concerned about:

  • Adware
  • Steep learning curve


You do not want to get any annoying popup ads because of some adware that was installed without your permission.  So, use to get to the official website.

That website does make money from advertising.  However, just pay attention to the link after This download will be managed by our ad-supported smart download manager.  Do not download any of those files.

However, if you still get that obnoxious adware, you may have to go online and find a free program that removes malware.

Still having problems?

If you are concerned about getting malware from a free GIMP download, there is an easy alternative.

There is a product called PhotoEditorX.  I consider it the best photo editor around. It has GIMP built into it.

Steep learning curve

PhotoEditorX also lots loads of instructions that come with it.  So, you do not have to spend dozens of hours trying to figure things out.

So, avoid the hassle and pay $47 for your GIMP within PhotoEditorX.

PhotoEditorX basically does all of the things that PhotoShop does.  However, the learning curve is not nearly as steep and the price is way lower.  It is affordable to practically anyone.

You should read my blog post about it.

Installing GIMP

Here’s how to download GIMP if you are not going to buy PhotoEditorX.  Go to After clicking on the Download Now button, go into your downloads folder.  You should see something like the DMG file below.

  • Downloads folder
  • Click on DMG file
  • GIMP icon in a panel
  • Drag icon to dock
At one point in the installation, you will have seen the image below.

 As well as dragging into the dock, you should drag it to your applications folder.

  • Double click to open GIMP

Video tutorial

For those of you who learn well from YouTube tutorials, here is an excellent one for GIMP beginners.

GIMP tutorial

  • GIMP filter menuMany people do Google searches for images
  • May get lower ranking if duplicate of another image in Google database
  • So, use GIMP to make small changes to your free stock photos
    • Use the GIMP filter menu you see here.

Open an image

  • Click File > Open > Pictures > Modified
  • Double click on a picture
  • Suppose you opened up this file called “crowd.jpg”
  • Practice photo editing with this picture
    •    Reproduced for you at very bottom of this page




Let’s say that you want to erase the head of the man in the lower right-hand corner.

Getting set up

1. Right click in your layers panel
• Select Create a new layer
2. Transparency > OK
3. Click on the grey layers icon.
Right-click in the Layers panel and click on Merge Down


  • Now the transparent layer will be behind picture of crowd
  • When erase something, the transparent layer will show up


To erase something completely:


1. Select erase icon and then
2. solid circle
3. Select tool options icon in  layers panel
4. Then change eraser size to represent ideal size for erasing

Image will look like picture above




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