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 A Hashtagify me glossary

This blog post will tell you more about how to use the hashtagify.me website.

When you first search for a hashtag on Hashtagify, you get a cluster of correlations like the one like the one above.

In the above correlation, I searched for this hashtag: #SocialMediaMarketing. Hashtagify came up with this cluster of hashtags that Twitter users also use when they use the hashtag #SocialMediaMarketing.

When you hover your cursor over one of these hashtags, you get data like the one beside the red arrow. That data showed that28.8% of the time when people use the hashtag #SocialMediaMarketing, they also use the hashtag #SocialMedia.

For instance, suppose your tweet was about Facebook.  So, you would choose #Facebook as a hashtag in your tweet.  Correlations include socialmedia and Twitter. 11.5% of tweets that have #Facebook also have #Twitter.  So, it may be good marketing strategy to see if #Twitter could logically fit into your tweet.

To learn just about everything you need to know about Hashtagify in general, you can go to the Hashtagify Encyclopedia.  In the meantime, these are some of the more important things you should know:

Correlates — The top related hashtags.  This is measured as a percentage of the tweets using the searched tweets that also used the related one.

• The higher the correlation, the larger the font.
• A great popularity has nothing to do with the font size.
• If you click on a correlation word, you will find new hashtags related to that correlated word.

Correlation — This number is measured as the percentage of tweets using the searched hashtag which also use the related one.

Popularity — This is a 0-100 rating relative to the most popular hashtag on Twitter. The most popular hashtag will get 100.  A hashtag that is never used would get 0.

Weekly & Monthly Trends — This tells how much the popularity of a hashtag has increased or decreased in the time frame. Scroll down to find the trend graph.

Top Influencer — The Hashtagify Me list is created based on the activity of each user for that hashtag, on the engagement the activity creates and on its reach.

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