Treason, Revealing That Important Information on Social Media

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A petition regarding treason

treasonThere is a petition going around Canada demanding that the RCMP arrest Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for treason. Emails & social media send people to the Petitions24 website. The main web page begins with the 4 paragraphs below.

Justin Trudeau, with the Liberal government, has conspired with known terrorist and former Nazi collaborator George Soros to sell Canada’s Syrian migrant policy to 13 undisclosed countries. Soros’s (Open Society Foundation) role on the world stage is: fund regime change and/or destabilize nations, fund terrorism and import unvetted Islamic economic migrants infiltrated by radical Islamic terrorists under the false pretense of “refugee”.  Trudeau and Soros have just increased migrant entry from 25000-50000+ per year. In 2 more years there will be an army inside the border. 

Considering Canada and “western” nations have been at war with radical Islamic terrorists since 9/11, the Liberal government actions constitute HIGH TREASON (section 1B,1C) and TREASON (section 2A-2E) as defined in the criminal code of Canada and is punishable with life in prison.

This has nothing to do with race or racism. It is about an immigration policy mirrored in europe which is now openly admitted to be a dangerous failure and still… Trudeau has brought it home to you.

The Trudeau Liberals have legislated similar migrant policy, hate speech laws, sharia blasphemy laws, and political correctness as Sweden. Swedish women and children are now suffering the most brutal and violent sexual assaults at the hands of Radical Islamic terrorists. These laws have rendered the police and the male citizens powerless to stop these vicious attacks due to risk of imprisonment. This will be the Trudeau/Soros legacy in Canada should you choose to ignore this issueRead more.

The world is getting better

treasonWatch the TED talk called Is the world getting better or worse? A look at the numbers.

The statistics tell us that the world’s people are becoming more literate, working shorter hours, enjoying more electricity & running water and enjoying much less homicide. The human race is becoming healthier, wealthier, wiser, safer & healthier.

Let’s keep it that way in Canada & get rid of our prime minister.

How to get the message out

The list below gives links on how to use various social media to get this petition message out:




What are we trying to prevent?

Before Justin Trudeau became prime minister, our budget was balanced and our grandchildren could look forward to good future. Trudeau has given billions of our tax dollars to foreign entities such as the Clinton Foundation and an Aga Khan Afghanistan charity. We have to pay for that with increased taxation.

Watch the YouTube videos below to get an idea of the type of immigrant his policies will bring into Canada.

Becoming a Palestinian Bomber
Heritage of the Palestinians


How to Set up AWeber Email to Quickly Autorespond

Free 30-day AWeber trial 

AWeber emailI really enjoy working with the tech support people at AWeber. With all of their help, my AWeber email marketing got off to a great start.

To get started, start a free 30-day trial now.  After the thirty days is up, you will pay AWeber monthly. I get a small portion of that.

Setup a list

AWeber emailTo start sending an AWeber email, you first make a list. A list is a way to separate subscribers with common interests into different groups for easier targeting. Whenever anyone signs up to your list, they are doing so to receive a specific kind of information from you.

For instance, depending upon who wants what information from you, the points in the above list include Merchandise, Economy and Company Deals. When people send a request via AWeber, they could be sent emails about merchandise, the company economy or else company deals, depending upon where they sent their request.

AWeber email

Click Manage Lists in the top horizontal menu and then click Create a List. Simply follow instructions.

Click here to learn more.

Create messages

AWeber email

Click on Messages > Drafts and then click on the drop-down arrow in the green Create a Message button.

I usually choose HTML editor so that I can add hyperlinks, change fonts, etc. There is even a paper clip in the lower left-hand corner so that you can attach a file.

Insert your subject in the upper left-hand corner.

I usually begin my message with this: Hello {firstname_fix}!. That way the AWeber email will be personalized.

Legacy Follow-up Series

Legacy Follow-up Series in another term for autoresponder.

AWeber emailClick on Messages > Drafts. To the right of each message is a Send Options link. From the drop-down list click on Add to Follow Up Series.

This will be one of your messages that will be emailed out.

Under Interval you can use the drop-down box to decide how soon you want it sent out. If you want it sent out less than a day from time of an action, use 0.

You can use this process for as many emails as you want to send out. I like to use a total of 2 emails. The second one links to a web page with a thank you message. If the messages are in the wrong order, drag and drop them so that the one on top will be the first one sent out.

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How to get ebooks automatically emailed at time of payment to PayPal

If this blog post has insufficient information, go to this page and click on the icon in the lower right-hand corner. You can start chatting with AWeber tech support to get more information.






How to Get Ebooks Automatically Emailed at Time of Payment

Automatic distribution of ebooks

So, you have written a few ebooks and are using PayPal to sell them. Every time someone buys, PayPal sends you an email. As soon as you get time, you send a message with a PDF copy of an ebook.

After a few weeks, you are selling a hundred ebooks a day. You cannot keep up with the emails. What do you do?

Simple. Use the AWeber app. Get a free 30-day trial of AWeber and link it to PayPal using the instructions below. Every ebook will be emailed out as an attachment to your personalized message. It will be emailed out as soon as payment is received.

Before you set up your AWeber-PayPal integration, set up the Messages (emails you will be sending out).

Click here to learn more.

Setting up AWeber-PayPal integration in 8 steps

1. Sign into your AWeber account




2. Click on Integrations

ebooksClick on Integrations in the top menu.

3. Click on  PayPal

ebooksYou will see a huge number of icons. Cmd F to find PayPal. Click on it.


4. Click Enable

ebooksClick green Enable button. This will open up the AWeber and PayPal Integration page.

5. Log into PayPal

You’ll see a form allowing you to log into PayPal. Login.

6. Grant permission 

Click yellow Grant Permission button to grant permission to have PayPal payment buttons on your website.

7. Add URL linking PayPal & AWeber

Click Integrations link in horizontal menu again. Click on the PayPal button near the top.  Copy and paste the Notification URL into box under Point #4.

Click the proper ratio button in point #5 (probably receive IPN messages) and click the Save button.

8. Select appropriate list

Back on the “Integration” page again, select the appropriate list.

You’re finished

Assuming you want all of the people who buy your product to go on the same list, you are finished. If you want to make things more complicated, go to the Related Page below.

Get a free 30-day trial of AWeber now. Click on the green Free Trial button. Note that if you continue with AWeber after 30 days, you will pay them monthly and I will get a tiny commission.


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How To Add Social Media Icons To Email Signature

Social media icons for better branding

social media iconsUse good social media marketing techniques to help brand your product, company, self, etc. One technique involves including social media icons at the bottom of every email you send out. These will link to the corresponding social media pages. This blog post tells how to add the social media icons to the bottom of every Mac Mail email you send out.

What to include in your signature

social media iconsYour social media icons will be included in your Mac Mail signature. For ideal social media marketing, this is what to include in the signature:

1. Your name in colour using a unique font
2. Your email address and position in your company
3. Link to your website
4. Social Media images with links to corresponding pages.

(If you don’t want to add the icons, etc. yourself, the people at Kelowna Virtual Assistantcan do it for you.)

Click here to learn more.

Adding the icons in 8 steps

  1. In Mac Mail, social media iconsclick New Message
  2. Add a line of underscores, your name, position & other contact information as seen in this image
  3. Drag and dropsocial media icons pertinent social media logos from Finder to beneath text. (Note that the logos in this image were saved with GIMP at 50 px. high with a 5 px white bar on each side. If they are too overpowering, reduce their height using GIMP. To find the icons in the first place, enter keywords such as these into your search bar: images instagram logo.)
  4. Highlight your email address and website URL and add clickable social media iconslinks to each. To do this, highlight the email address, right-click and select Link > Add link. Notesocial media icons that for the email address you have to add “mailto:” in front of the email address.
  5. social media iconsFor each social media icon, find your profile corresponding to social media. Click on the image, and then click the Edit > Add link.
  6. Highlight your namesocial media icons and click Format > Show Fonts.
    Select the font that you would like for your signature.
  7. social media iconsHighlight everything you just created and press Cmd C to copy it into your clipboard. In the Apple Mail menu select Preferences > Signature.
  8. If you already have signatures, ignore them and click the +button to add a new signature. If you want this to be the default signature for a specific account, choose the account from the left menu before adding the new signature. Enter a name for the signature and press Cmd V to paste your new signature into the box. Once this is done, click the tiny red close button in the upper left-hand corner.

drop down  drop downFacebook logo

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Marketing Email Sent Daily by AWeber

Marketing Email on Day 1

marketing emailOn the first day, the AWeber autoresponder sends the potential 7 Day YouTube customers this marketing email.
marketing email


Hello  ___,

Welcome to your first lesson in YouTube video creation.

You can find your first lesson by going to a password-protected page at  Use this password: _____.

By the time you are finished this lesson, you will be able to make a video similar to the animated GIF at the top of this email.

One of my rules of thumb for making YouTube videos is to never allow more than two seconds to pass without some noticeable movement on the screen. Today you will be using presentation software such as Keynote for making appropriate, interesting movement for both still images and text.

The concept of aspect ratio may not be obvious enough from Lesson 1. That refers to the width-height ratio of the video. You want it to be the same ratio as a typical YouTube video. Otherwise you will have black bars on either side of the video.

To get the correct aspect ratio, you should drag the Keynote right edge to 44 pixels and the bottom edge to -22 pixels.

Do not neglect to do the homework at the end of each lesson. Grade it yourself. It will be an indicator of whether or not you are ready to go on to the next lesson.

Make sure you make yourself a Pages file with all of the new things you are learning from these 7 lessons. Have an index at the top with links to each new concept.

If you absolutely cannot figure out something for yourself, go to any lesson page and click on the Contact Us button in the horizontal menu. To make sure your email does not get deleted, use this for your subject line “Just cannot figure out ___”.  Fill in the blank with one or two words that describe your problem.

Yours truly,

Click here to learn more.

Day 2

marketing email

Hello ____,

Have you successfully finished your homework from Lesson 1?  If so, you are ready to go to Lesson 2.

Go to Use this password: ____.

Sometimes when you make a video, you want to call your visitors’ attention to a particular part of the screen. To do that you will use the Callout feature you see in the animated GIF at the top of this email.

In this lesson you will also learn where to find free music, sound effects and pictures.

The best way to learn many things in this course is to experiment and practice lots. Start by experimenting and practicing with Keynote effects. You will find all sorts of interesting ways of creating movement within your images and text.

Do your Lesson #2 homework. In this lesson you will actually upload your homework video to YouTube.

If you absolutely cannot figure out something for yourself, email us at To make sure your email does not get deleted, use this for your subject line “Absolutely cannot figure out ___”.  Fill in the blank with your problem area.

Yours truly,

Day 3

marketing email

Hello ____,

Have you successfully finished your homework from Lesson 2?  If so, you are ready to go to Lesson 3.

You will find lesson 3 on this web page: The password is ____.

In lesson 3 you will learn how to make MP4 files. An MP4 file is a media-containing file that will hold video, audio, text and images.

Then you will take a still image and create an invisible space within it. You will have that MP4 file playing within that invisible space.

If you absolutely cannot figure out something for yourself, email us at To make sure your email does not get deleted, use this for your subject line “Absolutely cannot figure out ___”.  Fill in the blank with your problem area.

Yours truly,


Day 4

marketing email

Hello ____,

Have you successfully finished your homework from Lesson 3?  If so, you are ready to go to Lesson 4.

In lesson 4 you will learn how to turn your smartphone videos into entertaining YouTube videos.

You can access lesson 4 by going to  The password is lessons4-7.

Suppose you are making smartphone videos of your various family members. You will learn how to make your own YouTube channel named Family. Nothing but your family videos will go there.

Then, whenever you make a special smartphone video about a family member, you can upload it to your Family channnel for all of your family to see.

You will even learn how to give each video a descriptive URL name so that it will be easier for your family members to remember them. For instance, if you want to show your family a video about Susan’s new baby, you can send them to

If you absolutely cannot figure out something for yourself, email us at To make sure your email does not get deleted, use this for your subject line “Absolutely cannot figure out ___”.  Fill in the blank with your problem area.

Yours truly,


Day 5


Hello ____,

Have you successfully finished your homework from Lesson 4?  If so, you are ready to go to Lesson 5.

In lesson 5 you will learn how to add interesting backgrounds to your subjects by using a green screen. For the purpose of this course, a green screen can be as simple as a piece of green bristol board.

In your ScreenFlow timeline, the top layer will be your subject in front of a green screen. In the second layer you will have your interesting background.

Then you will use ScreenFlow Chroma Key to electronically remove the green from the top layer. The background will show up behind the foreground subject.

You will find lesson 5 on this web page: The password is lessons4-7.

If you absolutely cannot figure out something for yourself, email us at To make sure your email does not get deleted, use this for your subject line “Absolutely cannot figure out ___”.  Fill in the blank with your problem area.

Yours truly,


Day 6

Hello ____,

Have you successfully finished your homework from Lesson 5?  If so, you are ready to go to Lesson 6.

In lesson 6 you will learn 7 different things that people do to make money from their YouTube videos. Up to now you may have been thinking about only one way — Google AdSense advertising.  That really is not worth your while until you have a video that is having over 1000 views per day.

One way you will learn about is called “unboxing”.  This is where people make a series of related videos devoted to discussing a product line’s parts and features.

For instance, in 2014 someone made $4.7 million by opening Disney toy packages.

You will find lesson 6 on this web page: The password is lessons4-7.

If you absolutely cannot figure out something for yourself, email us at To make sure your email does not get deleted, use this for your subject line “Absolutely cannot figure out ___”.  Fill in the blank with your problem area.

Yours truly,


Day 7


Hello ____,

Have you successfully finished your homework from Lesson 6?  If so, you are ready to go to Lesson 7.

You will find lesson 7 on this web page: The password is lessons4-7.

In lesson 7 you will learn how to make your videos distinctively different from other people’s videos. People will recognize a video as being yours. This way you are more likely to develop a following.

Consider the idea of getting patrons from lesson 6. Having high quality recognizable videos will help you get patrons.

You will find lesson 7 on this web page: The password is lessons4-7.

If you absolutely cannot figure out something for yourself, email us at To make sure your email does not get deleted, use this for your subject line “Absolutely cannot figure out ___”.  Fill in the blank with your problem area.

Yours truly,

Sales process completed?

The 7 Day YouTube course was billed as a free course. I make money by the ScreenFlow programs people will buy to complete the course.

However, in order to be true to my promise of “free”, I told them they could use a free trial version of ScreenFlow. There will be a watermark on each video they create.

So, after the seventh marketing email is sent, the sales process still may not be complete. However, if they really like the product, they will buy as soon as they can afford it.





How to Get Scammed from “Free Samples, Just Pay Shipping”

Computer fraud index

Fraud Alert credit card fraudExpect computer fraud to increase.  Below is a list of frauds I’ve come across lately. Click on a term to learn more.


Credit card fraud starts with a lie

Bottle neuro eliteSomeone contacted me saying they were promoting a new brain supplement called Neuro Elite.  I was told that I could have it for free if I would pay for the shipping.  It never occurred to me that this might be credit card fraud.

I foolishly agreed and gave them my credit card number.  Later I checked my credit card statement and saw the shipping charge for $2.99. It was from a company called


The charges increase

A week after that charge was posted there was another charge from for $89.73.

I phoned the credit card company to complain. They explained that, after getting the product, I had two weeks to cancel.  Otherwise I would be charged for the first bottle and be placed on monthly auto-ship.

The lady at the credit card company said that she had been scammed like this 3 years previously.

Read the fine print

Neuro Elite WebsiteI phoned  I was told that the terms & conditions explain that I had two weeks to get out of this contract.  Who reads the fine print?

I went to the website.  The ONLY thing on their website was the little box you see reproduced here.  Notice at the bottom how people can cancel their auto-ships for the various scam products this company represents.

Stop the scammers

Yellow Fraud tapeI recently spoke to someone else was similarly scammed with a different product.  She clicked on a Facebook ad saying that all she had to do was pay for shipping.  The weight-loss product never did arrive.  But, she was charged a huge amount a few weeks after the shipping charge.

Stop a scammer today.  Pass this information on.

Domain service notice

Can you figure out what is fraudulent about the message below from a junk email?

As a courtesy to domain name holders, we are sending you this notification for your business Domain name search engine registration. This letter is to inform you that it’s time to send in your registration.

Failure to complete your Domain name search engine registration by the expiration date may result in cancellation of this offer making it difficult for your customers to locate you on the web.

They are just trying to scare you into buying a service you do not need.  Ignore them.

MacKeeper Mac scan

You notice a small window in the upper right of your Mac screen that reads “system scan recommended”. It is accompanied by a little robot-looking icon.

The advice page I found said You must have MacKeeper installed. Get rid of it. If this is a browser pop-up, then it’s a phishing scam and should be ignored.
For the average person MacKeeper is very difficult to remove from a computer. I went to the MacWorld website and read an article entitled How to uninstall MacKeeper from your Mac.

It showed me how to install a legitimate free program called Malwarebytes. It would help me purge MacKeeper from my Mac. I did so and then emptied my trash to make sure it was completely gone.

Expiration notice

I received a fraudulent expiration notice from this email address: I knew it was a scam when I saw they wanted me to renew my domain name for $86/year. The real price is closer to $10/year.

The subject of the email was: Final Notice. Then, within the email near the top in red, it said, “expiration notice”.

They had a fake unsubscribe notice at the bottom. It did not work.

To prevent these frauds, always get your domain names from only one or two different domain sellers.

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Identity theft paraphernalia

The DJPowerMixTape website says: The three were taken into custody on Wednesday, July 13, and charged following investigations several follow-up operations which resulted in the seizure of electronic devices suspected to be card readers, card writers, skimmers and other paraphernalia used in identity theftRead more.

Credit card fraud on the rise

The Medicine Hat News says Glock recalls instances where a customer would enter a $75 tip by mistake and ask for cash back, claiming they only meant to enter $7.50, with drivers later learning the card being used was fraudulent. Read more.

Website on how to commit credit card fraud

Credit Card Fraud pinThe Art of Charm website has a telephone conversation with an ex-con. He learned all about how to commit credit card fraud from a website.

The Art of Charm takes a rare glimpse inside the business and mind of a professional credit card fraudster and social engineer.

  • Learn about the internet criminal underworld.
  • Meet one of the former top dogs from the site, and
  • Hear how he started his credit card fraud business.
  • Learn how he went to jail and why.
  • Learn how he made thousands from fraud and how easy it was.
  • Learn about reprograming credit cards
  • Learn how social engineering is crucial to the scam’s success.
  • Find out how he took his credit card factory mobile
  • Learn how he got caught and became an informant for the FBI

Listen to the podcast.

Free wifi problem

To learn more about the hazards of using free wifi, watch the YouTube video below.