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    13 sources of free stock images

    • Better Google rankings if you use images
    • Each of the 12 links below go to a website full of free stock images.
    • Pixabay
    • On Dreamstime you can use search terms to find free images.  For instance, I entered “tall buildings” in the search box and saw 31
      search_tall_buildings-black-outlinefree pictures of tall buildings. If you are not on this web page and wish to go to Dreamstime, will get you there.  Dreamstime has tens of millions of pictures & short videos from which to choose.
  • Go to the freeimages website ( and sign up for a free account and get free stock images.
  • download free photosAnother excellent source of free stock images is Picjumbo.  Every day more gorgeous free pictures show up.  They are available for free, even for commercial use, with no restrictions.    Important note: To get a free download into your Downloads folder, click on any image. Then click on the button to the left that says “FREE download”.
  • Gratisography is another site with royalty-free photos.  It does not have the excellent search feature that Picjumbo has.
  • Unsplash has free stock images — mostly landscape photos. They can be used for free commercially if you wish. There is even a search bar so that you can search for things such as “offices”.
  • Little Visuals is another source of free landscape photos.
  • After writing this post, I found another source of free images: DeathtotheStock.
  • And another one: Superfamous Studios.
  • Think about the category of high resolution images you want
  • Enter it in the search box
  • More free photos at public domain photos.
  •  Get free fitness, weight loss, and food photos

  • More free image websites


How to download free stock photos from FreeImages

  • Suppose you wanted a stock photo of a dog
  • Enter dogs in the search box
  • Many hundreds of pictures of dogs
  • 80% of the pictures free
  • 20% of them have a price
  • That’s how freeimages makes their money
  • Pictures with a price tag can be as cheap as $1.
  • More specific
  • Picture of a Dalmatian dog
    • Enter Dalmatian in the search box
    • Several dozen stock photos of Dalmatians.




  • After you see a thumbnail of a Dalmatian picture you want, click on it
  • Gives you a page with a larger picture and a download button.





  • Clicking on the download  button gives a large image
  • To save it in computer, right click and select Save image as.
  • This service dependent upon members sharing photos
  • So, if you become a member, upload some of your best photos
  • Let other members use them as royalty free images

Combine your free stock images

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After you download a number of images, the cheapest way to edit them is to use PhotoEditorX. It’s virtually the same as Photoshop which costs $120/year. PhotoEditorX costs $47 to download. The download comes with huge numbers of instructional videos. There are never any other costs.

To order it, simply scroll to the very bottom of that PhotoEditorX link and click on “click here to download now”.

High resolution and free stock images

  • One minor problem with high resolution images is the size
  • Just PART of it may occupy entire computer screen.
  • I solved that stock photography problem with Skitch
  • Look at the stock photo in Finder
  • Expand the finder as much as possible
  • Capture it with Skitch
  • Save with a descriptive name.

My photo is never too large now.






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