How to Link from LinkedIn Timeline to a Special LinkedIn Article

Your LinkedIn timeline

LinkedIn timelineAfter you write a LinkedIn article, it may be good marketing to link to it from your LinkedIn timeline. This post tells you how to do just that.

Linking to your LinkedIn article in 3 steps

LinkedIn timelineLinkedIn timeline1. Copy article URL 

Copy (Cmd C) the web address of the article into your clipboard.

2. Find ideal picture

You want a  simple picture that relates to your subject. I usually use the picture from above the headline. Find where it is in your Finder. Look at information such as date. That will make it easier to locate it using LinkedIn.

From a LinkedIn page click on Home and then Images. Using information from the Finder in the above paragraph, double click on the name of appropriate image.

LinkedIn timeline3. Write message above picture

Above the picture you just inserted there is space for text. Type a message that will get the visitors’ attention. At the end of it paste (Cmd V) the URL form point #1 above.

Click Post. Notice that the URL has changed to a shortened form.

Curious about the picture?

In case you are wondering, the picture above represents an encryption tunnel. If you wish, you can go to that LinkedIn article entiled How to Increase Security & Go Through an Encryption Tunnel.

LinkedIn marketing

If you are selling to businesses, a good social media marketing idea would be to write LinkedIn articles that subtly promote your product. A good way to get people to read your articles is to link to them from your LinkedIn timeline.

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 YouTube video

Watch this YouTube video to get a better idea of how to link from your LinkedIn timeline.

Use LinkedIn for a Number of Different Business Reasons

What can LinkedIn do?

how to use linkedinuse linkedinThis post tells you how to use LinkedIn.  It will help you to:

  • Make business connections
  • Make a LinkedIn job search and
  • Get help from peers in your industry.

How to use LinkedIn for job hunting?

If you’re job hunting:

use LinkedInYou should definitely be displaying your resume in your LinkedIn profile to get maximum exposure.
♦      Include recommendations.
♦      Candidates with recommendations in their resumes are more likely to get hired sooner than those without.
♦ LinkedIn has hundreds of millions of registered users.
♦    So, employers often go to LinkedIn first.
♦    They know that professionals often post their information there.

  • Go to AvidCareerist.  Their website says If you’re an active or passive job seeker, your LinkedIn profile should contain your resume. Why? Because recruiters search LinkedIn for candidates. Because recruiters don’t want to be intrigued by snippets of information.  More
  • Also go to the Elite Resumes website.  It says LinkedIn is a business networking tool that can deliver huge value to your career management and advancement. Here are my top LinkedIn tips. … Add your phone number and email address to the Contact Info section, AND to the Summary section of your profile, so it’s easy for someone to reach you immediately. Customize the address (URL) of your LinkedIn profile page … Being on LinkedIn is a start, but opening an account isn’t enough. Networking, job search and … More

Increase sales

Contacting people in your field:
♦ You make connections which can lead to sales conversions.
♦ LinkedIn warns you to not add people that you don’t know. They could jeopardize your career.  Connect with people you know.
♦ Have an amazing LinkedIn profile.  Read what the Business to Community website says about your LinkedIn profile: In the business environment, the image you convey as a professional is your most important asset for gaining competitive edge in your industry. Carefully building and communicating your image can help you close new deals and grow your business.  Once you’ve created it, your LinkedIn profile is the reference point for your personal brand. Researching someone online before a meeting or as a follow-up to a personal introduction has become the standard.   More

Content and connections

Content is kingThe Huffington Post website says

I regularly do training on LinkedIn and have spoken to many groups on how to use LinkedIn. Two things that I notice are constantly coming up are questions around content and connections.  Read more

LinkedIn Premium with More Features

Free LinkedIn

Companies expecting to make money from their website often give away free services.  That is how they get people interested in the first place.  Then they try to sell something to the free followers.  You may want LinkedIn with more features than the free account.  Then you simply pay for LinkedIn Premium.

LinkedIn Premium

linkedin premiumThere are different levels of LinkedIn Premium accounts.  Learn more about them in the related pages section below.

Below is a list of some of the features that are available in the various LinkedIn Premium accounts:

  • See who is viewing your profile
  • See how a particular company’s hiring is trending
  • Have more detailed queries.  For instance, search for people based on
    ♦ Company size,
    ♦ Seniority level,
    ♦ Years of experience, etc.
  • See profile information beyond first and second degree contacts.
  • Search engine that retrieves hard-to-find information from people’s LinkedIn profiles.
  • Getting much more information from a single search.
  • Being able save searches.
  • Weekly email updates of new members that fit specified criteria.
  • Doing reference searches for future employees.
  • Being able to send private messages to 2nd and 3rd level connections.

For a large number of other features available in premium accounts, look at the related pages below.


Pages related to LinkedIn Premium

The Official LinkedIn Blog says: When I tell people I work at LinkedIn, one of the first questions I always get is “What is the difference between a free and Premium membership?” This is before I’ve even mentioned my role on this specific team, so it’s something we are definitely working on to help our members better understand.

My “in a nutshell” answer is …  More

The Fast Company website says:  Untangling just what LinkedIn Premium can or can’t do for your career takes a little doing. So we did it for you… While many public companies in the Internet space have under performed in 2012—Facebook, … More

The Official LinkedIn Blog says: Whether you’re looking for a new job or trying to build relationships with potential customers, LinkedIn Premium is a powerful tool to help you get ahead in your career. But like any new tool, Premium can take some getting …   More

The Top Dog Social Media website asks: Should you bother upgrading to LinkedIn Premium?  Sales professionals and business owners will be interested in these 8 reasons why it might be worthwhile.   More

The Official LinkedIn Blog says, In this economic environment it’s tough to find a job. But LinkedIn can help. Today we’re excited to announce a major upgrade for job seekers on LinkedIn: the Job Seeker Premium Account. We spoke with hundreds of job …   More

The Business 2 Business blog says: Believe it or not, LinkedIn makes it fairly easy to vet the decision of upgrading to a LinkedIn Premium subscription. That said, I’m going to point out a distinction you should be aware of when you are comparing your current ..More

The video below is an overview.  It explains why someone should upgrade to LinkedIn Premium in their job search, employee lookup, profile matching and so on.



Peter Enns has been developing websites since 1996. He is a social media blogger and author of the free YouTube video-creation tutorial called 7 Day YouTube.


LinkedIn Company Page is Essential

MUST join LinkedIn, MUST have a LinkedIn company page

linkedin company page

linkedin company pageLinkedIn is like a Facebook for business people.  There are literally hundreds of millions of LinkedIn users across the world. That’s the place that businesses go to for information about other businesses. If you are not on LinkedIn, you may be left behind.  If you don’t have a LinkedIn company page yet, read more and then get one!

If you have a business, you MUST join LinkedIn and you MUST have a company page.  Let’s discuss the company page.

Even if you are pressed for time, create a company page.  Add the company information, your logo and a header image.  There is not much more to it.  Occasionally to check for notifications.  But at the very least, make some sort of company page.

If you can spend more time, you can spend time interacting with groups, customers and potential customers.  You can join discussions and answer questions.

Reputation building

Potential customers will check LinkedIn to learn more about a company.  If you do not have a LinkedIn company page, many people could consider that a big red flag.  They may just stay away from you.

Adding a company page

Before you can add a new company page, you must have a LinkedIn profile.  Then click on Interests > Companies.  This will get you to the page with the yellow Create button in the right-hand column.  Click on it.

Enter your company’s official name and your work email address.  Click Continue and do what is intuitively obvious.  Before you do, read the next section on quality pages.

Tips to creating a high quality page

  • Open Google AdWords and search for long-tail keywords that people may use for search terms.  Use these keywords in your description and specialties sections.
  • Consider having a Featured Groups page.  It will have groups you manage or participate with.
  • Sometimes people will like, comment or share something in your LinkedIn site. Consider responding with thoughtful questions or comments.  Hopefully they will take further action.
  • Use company page analytics to test formats, topics & frequency.
  • Pictures through smartphone 2Occasionally change your eye-catching promotional cover images to reflect your company’s offerings, accomplishments and events.
  • Consider having a visually attractive Showcase page about your products.
  • If you have a careers page, consider having a happy employee make a YouTube video or a SlideShare presentation  about his/her job.
  • Add high quality YouTube videos.  It can help people to make a buying decision.

Editing your company page

To find your company page, go to Interests > Companies. Click on your company name in the right-hand column.  Then click on the blue Edit button at the top.

After you are finished editing, click on Publish button in the upper right-hand corner.

For more information, go to the appropriate LindedIn information page.

Pages related to LinkedIn company page

There is much more information in these related pages.  Check them out.

The Social Media Examiner says: The best company pages do a great job of increasing brand awareness by being helpful when they engage with followers on a regular basis.  In this article I’ll show you 10 ways to make your LinkedIn company page more useful for your followers.  More

T & S Online Marketing says: Here’s a very specific tactic we’ve seen work on LinkedIn Company Pages. I’ve talked before about a method for building your Company Page’s following. Since then, I’ve systemized it even further, and seen great results.  More

MLT Creative says: When LinkedIn members want to know about your company, they look to your Company Page.  Use this check list to ensure it’s ready for visitors.  More

B2B News Network says: Follow these tips to LinkedIn company page success.  More

YouTube video

This  is a video lesson from author and new media expert Deltina Hay’s LinkedIn Essentials course. You will learn how to create a LinkedIn company page using LinkedIn’s new company page features.


Video Marketing with LinkedIn

Use videos for a competitive advantage

Video MarketingAccording to the Alexa Top 500, LinkedIn is currently one of the top 25 websites in the world.  Combine that with some strategic video marketing.  For instance, try adding a video to your LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn profiles

Lots of LinkedIn profiles are rather boring.  You can make yours stand out by adding a YouTube video.  Not only will it stand out, but it will give your visitors more of a visual representation of what you are all about.

Start by jotting down the main points that should be in your video.  This is where you are advertising yourself.  Write down the main points that make you special in your particular niche.  Then make that into a script.

If you have a Mac, you can make amazing videos using ScreenFlow.   Click on that link to learn more about it.

After you have finished your video and uploaded it to YouTube, Vimeo or whatever, add a link to your LinkedIn site.

Adding the video to your profile summary

To get started, go to your LinkedIn site and click on Profile > Edit profile.  Then scroll down to the summary.  Click within the summary page and two icons will show up.  Click on the Click to add a video icon.

Click in the box that has http:// within it.  Add the URL of your YouTube video here.

Click save.  Now all of your LinkedIn connections should be able to watch the video.


Add to your home page

In order to most effectively use LinkedIn for marketing, you should post to your home page every day.  You can make a comment about the video you added to your profile summary.  Then add the URL of the YouTube video.  If that is all you do, there will be a picture below your comment from somewhere within your video.

If you want a different picture, click the paper clip and add the picture before you add the URL to the comment.

What the media is saying about video marketing

Video production is getting easier and more affordable

Forbes Magazine says

Some video marketing projects — Super Bowl commercials, for instance — can cost millions and employ entire teams of actors and players. But professional video can still be attainable on a small business budget. It’s easier and more affordable than you may thinkRead more.

29 video marketing statistics

The Reel SEO website says

In the US, YouTube reaches more 18-49 year-olds than ANY broadcast or cable TV network, and YouTube does that on mobile alone…In the US, during prime time, more 18-49 year olds tune into YouTube than into the top 10 TV shows combinedRead more.

Tell your story through MOBILE video marketing

The website says
Rich media ads appear to be working, with mobile rich video boasting a staggering 93.69 percent completion rate, the highest out of all offered media types. Many marketers see this as a more powerful way to interrupt users with their ads—and likewise, a more powerful way to reduce the number of steps between content and conversionRead more.

Tips for maximizing video marketing success

The GMR Transcription website says

Evidence that video marketing works and generates a healthy return on investment was found in a study by Ascend2, which stated that companies using video marketing have outpaced competitors who ignore video by nearly 50% in revenue growthRead more.

Derrick’s Entrepreneurial Blog and LinkedIn videos

Derrick’s Entrepreneurial Blog says

I was speaking to my friend who is a videographer that is exploring ways to utilize social media for business. I thought why not help people create simple & professional videos that they can add to their
linked in profile
.   More

YouTube video

Vickie Siculiano has a very useful YouTube video called How to Add Video to Your LinkedIn Profile.  In this video she says:

I show you how to make your LinkedIn profile. Read…    More

LinkedIn Marketing Tips 1

Go to the last 7 tips plus more

19 Tips for Getting the Most Out of LinkedIn

Go to the last 7 tips plus more
linkedin marketingAfter you have your LinkedIn account set up, read these 19 points.  As time goes by, read them once in a while.  Eventually you will have all of these tips incorporated into your LinkedIn marketing.

  1. Think about the ideal person you would like reading your profile.  Then aim your summary at that person.  Every point in your summary should be written with that person in mind.
  2. Choose the right profile picture.  Use a high-quality, recent picture of yourself in a professional setting.
  3. Have a headline at the top of your summary.  It should be catchy and have the keyword(s) for which you wish to be found.
  4. Include an email address in your summary to make it simple for people to get hold of you.
  5. If possible, make a compelling YouTube video to post in your summary.  If it is reasonable to do so, include footage where people hear and see you talking.  (Read the series of pages about how to create Youtube videos.)
  6. Tell people to click on your video.  It may not be obvious enough.
  7. Write in the first person.
  8. Without overdoing it, keyword load your work history with terms for which you want to be known.
  9. Fill your skills & expertise section with keywords for which you want to be endorsed.
  10. Short, compelling summary.  You are trying to sell yourself to an employer or someone you are trying to impress.  Using few words, describe your business history and convince people that you are good at what you do.
  11. Proofread it carefully several times.  Make sure there are no spelling or grammatical errors.  Make sure it expresses exactly what you are trying to express.
  12. Aim to have over 500 connections.

Go to tips #13-19

More LinkedIn marketing tips

Ignore these 3 myths

The Fox News website says

Newcomers to the networking platform LinkedIn make every mistake in the book. But they can sidestep their spammy promotional ways — if they can banish certain misconceptions from their mindsRead more.

How to use LinkedIn for business

The Cariad Marketing website says

I remember before leaving university that I had dipped into LinkedIn and had set up a basic account with a profile picture and my skills but I never really took it any further. Little did I know at the time, that there was a vast world out there where professionals, old and young were connecting to grow their businesses and personal profiles. So what can you do to start your journey and use LinkedIn effectively for your business?  Read more.

LinkedIn blog for Milennials

A LinkedIn blog post says

And if you’re one of the 87 million Millennials on LinkedIn but you’re not sure if you’re getting the most out of the LinkedIn platform, this playbook is for youRead more.

To find the higher quality blogs about LinkedIn marketing tips, download a free copy of CurationSoft.  Then enter LinkedIn marketing into the search box. If you will upgrade from your lite (free) version of CurationSoft, you can become an affiliate and sell the software from your website. You will get a commission every time someone upgrades form the lite version to the paid version.


What is LinkedIn and Ten Things it Can Do

What is LinkedIn? video

The name of the video below is “What is LinkedIn?”.  It lasts less than two minutes.  Watch it now.

Like a Facebook for businesses

what is linkedIn

What is LinkedIn?  It is a social networking service that has literally hundreds of millions of users.  Being a business-oriented site, people use it for professional networking.  They use it for connecting with customers, suppliers, colleagues and anyone else with whom they wish to network.

People use LinkedIn for gathering sales leads and establishing professional
credibility.  They use it to find out what is going on in their

10 things you can do to make LinkedIn work for you

    • Occasionally post an article on LinkedIn that has lots of links to information you want to get out to your readers.  To make a post, go to and click on your profile picture on the LEFT.  Scroll down to “posts” and click on “write a new post”.
    • If you are a business person and wondering “what is LinkedIn?”, set up an account and start using it.  You’ll figure it out. Make sure your site has a complete professional-looking company page and a powerful personal profile
    • After you have set up your profile and have a company page, join a group.  Go to Interests > Groups and then scroll down to the Find a group button.
    • When you post to a group, you may be trying to sell something.  But, do it obliquely.  It must not be perceived as spam or an obvious attempt at a sales pitch.
    • People will be reading your post because they want to glean the professional insights and knowledge they need to make them great at their jobs.  LinkedIn is a place where professionals come to consume content and where publishers come to share their content.

  • If you click on Interests > Pulse, you can find the latest news that relates to your specific interests.  Read more.
  • After a while you will begin to get emails containing comments and questions from various groups.  Get into the habit of responding.  But, don’t be blatantly trying to sell something.
  • Thank people who have helped you with a timely response.  (Learn more about sending free emails to group members.)
  • Check out competitors’ LinkedIn accounts.  You may find out something that could be adapted within your company.
  • Having lots of contacts (say, 500) can help you a great deal.  You do not want to get contacted with complete strangers.  However, you can search for interesting 2nd degree network people.  When someone sound worthy of being connected with, email your first level connection and ask to be introduced.

How to find all of your groups

To find all of the groups to which you belong, click on the Work icon on your HOME page. Then click on the Groups icon.

Websites related to “what is LinkedIn?”

The Burriss Consulting website says

In today’s world of change, new businesses, new philosophies, working as consultants across the continent and/or globe, it becomes more importantly to keep our networks informed of who we are and what we do.  LinkedIn can play a role in this messaging. Here are Five tactics you can use to keep your network informed of  Who are you and What you doRead more.

Guy Kawaski says: All 500 of the Fortune 500 are represented in LinkedIn. In fact, 499 of them are represented by director-level and above employees.  More

The Constant Contact website says: “I’m on LinkedIn. I got on there because someone told me I should be on there. I don’t really know what to do with it.”  If this sentiment sounds familiar to you, then this post was written with you in mind.   More

And this is from the Official LinkedIn Blog: We believe in giving our members access to the business knowledge they need to be great at what they do. To put that simply, we are making a commitment to our members: the time you spend on LinkedIn will make you better at your job today.   More


Free emails to groups

You can send FREE messages instead of expensive InMails to people that share the same LinkedIn Groups as you.

To go any LinkedIn group you are a member of and Click on the Members tab. LinkedIn has recently made a change where for some of you this tab is no longer there, so click on the number of members that show up on the far right, top, corner after you have clicked on your group.

Look at all of the 2nd level connections inside the group’s member list and you will see an option that says. “ Send Message.”

When you select “Send Message”, a message box will instantly open up that gives you a direct line to that individual’s inbox.

More about LinkedIn

Click here to find many more hyperlinks to LinkedIn blog posts.



Peter Enns has been developing websites since 1996. He is a social media blogger and author of the free YouTube video-creation tutorial called 7 Day YouTube.