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MUST join LinkedIn, MUST have a LinkedIn company page

linkedin company page

linkedin company pageLinkedIn is like a Facebook for business people.  There are literally hundreds of millions of LinkedIn users across the world. That’s the place that businesses go to for information about other businesses. If you are not on LinkedIn, you may be left behind.  If you don’t have a LinkedIn company page yet, read more and then get one!

If you have a business, you MUST join LinkedIn and you MUST have a company page.  Let’s discuss the company page.

Even if you are pressed for time, create a company page.  Add the company information, your logo and a header image.  There is not much more to it.  Occasionally to check for notifications.  But at the very least, make some sort of company page.

If you can spend more time, you can spend time interacting with groups, customers and potential customers.  You can join discussions and answer questions.

Reputation building

Potential customers will check LinkedIn to learn more about a company.  If you do not have a LinkedIn company page, many people could consider that a big red flag.  They may just stay away from you.

Adding a company page

Before you can add a new company page, you must have a LinkedIn profile.  Then click on Interests > Companies.  This will get you to the page with the yellow Create button in the right-hand column.  Click on it.

Enter your company’s official name and your work email address.  Click Continue and do what is intuitively obvious.  Before you do, read the next section on quality pages.

Tips to creating a high quality page

  • Open Google AdWords and search for long-tail keywords that people may use for search terms.  Use these keywords in your description and specialties sections.
  • Consider having a Featured Groups page.  It will have groups you manage or participate with.
  • Sometimes people will like, comment or share something in your LinkedIn site. Consider responding with thoughtful questions or comments.  Hopefully they will take further action.
  • Use company page analytics to test formats, topics & frequency.
  • Pictures through smartphone 2Occasionally change your eye-catching promotional cover images to reflect your company’s offerings, accomplishments and events.
  • Consider having a visually attractive Showcase page about your products.
  • If you have a careers page, consider having a happy employee make a YouTube video or a SlideShare presentation  about his/her job.
  • Add high quality YouTube videos.  It can help people to make a buying decision.

Editing your company page

To find your company page, go to Interests > Companies. Click on your company name in the right-hand column.  Then click on the blue Edit button at the top.

After you are finished editing, click on Publish button in the upper right-hand corner.

For more information, go to the appropriate LindedIn information page.

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YouTube video

This  is a video lesson from author and new media expert Deltina Hay’s LinkedIn Essentials course. You will learn how to create a LinkedIn company page using LinkedIn’s new company page features.


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