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Companies expecting to make money from their website often give away free services.  That is how they get people interested in the first place.  Then they try to sell something to the free followers.  You may want LinkedIn with more features than the free account.  Then you simply pay for LinkedIn Premium.

LinkedIn Premium

linkedin premiumThere are different levels of LinkedIn Premium accounts.  Learn more about them in the related pages section below.

Below is a list of some of the features that are available in the various LinkedIn Premium accounts:

  • See who is viewing your profile
  • See how a particular company’s hiring is trending
  • Have more detailed queries.  For instance, search for people based on
    ♦ Company size,
    ♦ Seniority level,
    ♦ Years of experience, etc.
  • See profile information beyond first and second degree contacts.
  • Search engine that retrieves hard-to-find information from people’s LinkedIn profiles.
  • Getting much more information from a single search.
  • Being able save searches.
  • Weekly email updates of new members that fit specified criteria.
  • Doing reference searches for future employees.
  • Being able to send private messages to 2nd and 3rd level connections.

For a large number of other features available in premium accounts, look at the related pages below.


Pages related to LinkedIn Premium

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The video below is an overview.  It explains why someone should upgrade to LinkedIn Premium in their job search, employee lookup, profile matching and so on.



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