How to Use LinkedIn

(Last Updated On: May 13, 2020)

What can LinkedIn do?

how to use linkedinhow to use linkedinThis post tells you how to use LinkedIn.  It will help you to:

  • Make business connections
  • Make a LinkedIn job search and
  • Get help from peers in your industry.

How to use LinkedIn for job hunting?

If you’re job hunting:

You should definitely be displaying your resume in your LinkedIn profile to get maximum exposure.
♦      Include recommendations.
♦      Candidates with recommendations in their resumes are more likely to get hired sooner than those without.
♦ LinkedIn has hundreds of millions of registered users.
♦    So, employers often go to LinkedIn first.
♦    They know that professionals often post their information there.

  • Go to AvidCareerist.  Their website says If you’re an active or passive job seeker, your LinkedIn profile should contain your resume. Why? Because recruiters search LinkedIn for candidates. Because recruiters don’t want to be intrigued by snippets of information.  More
  • Also go to the Elite Resumes website.  It says LinkedIn is a business networking tool that can deliver huge value to your career management and advancement. Here are my top LinkedIn tips. … Add your phone number and email address to the Contact Info section, AND to the Summary section of your profile, so it’s easy for someone to reach you immediately. Customize the address (URL) of your LinkedIn profile page … Being on LinkedIn is a start, but opening an account isn’t enough. Networking, job search and … More


Increase sales

Contacting people in your field:
♦ You make connections which can lead to sales conversions.
♦ LinkedIn warns you to not add people that you don’t know. They could jeopardize your career.  Connect with people you know.
♦ Have an amazing LinkedIn profile.  Read what the Business to Community website says about your LinkedIn profile: In the business environment, the image you convey as a professional is your most important asset for gaining competitive edge in your industry. Carefully building and communicating your image can help you close new deals and grow your business.  Once you’ve created it, your LinkedIn profile is the reference point for your personal brand. Researching someone online before a meeting or as a follow-up to a personal introduction has become the standard.   More

Content and connections

Content is kingThe Huffington Post website says

I regularly do training on LinkedIn and have spoken to many groups on how to use LinkedIn. Two things that I notice are constantly coming up are questions around content and connections.  Read more






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