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19 Tips for Getting the Most Out of LinkedIn

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linkedin marketingAfter you have your LinkedIn account set up, read these 19 points.  As time goes by, read them once in a while.  Eventually you will have all of these tips incorporated into your LinkedIn marketing.

  1. Think about the ideal person you would like reading your profile.  Then aim your summary at that person.  Every point in your summary should be written with that person in mind.
  2. Choose the right profile picture.  Use a high-quality, recent picture of yourself in a professional setting.
  3. Have a headline at the top of your summary.  It should be catchy and have the keyword(s) for which you wish to be found.
  4. Include an email address in your summary to make it simple for people to get hold of you.
  5. If possible, make a compelling YouTube video to post in your summary.  If it is reasonable to do so, include footage where people hear and see you talking.  (Read the series of pages about how to create Youtube videos.)
  6. Tell people to click on your video.  It may not be obvious enough.
  7. Write in the first person.
  8. Without overdoing it, keyword load your work history with terms for which you want to be known.
  9. Fill your skills & expertise section with keywords for which you want to be endorsed.
  10. Short, compelling summary.  You are trying to sell yourself to an employer or someone you are trying to impress.  Using few words, describe your business history and convince people that you are good at what you do.
  11. Proofread it carefully several times.  Make sure there are no spelling or grammatical errors.  Make sure it expresses exactly what you are trying to express.
  12. Aim to have over 500 connections.

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