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Eight social media

Snowball pushed by boyIf you combine 8 different social media, your marketing efforts can snowball.  A SlideShare post can send people to a YouTube video.  That YouTube  video can send people to a blog.  And so on.


This page has been summarized in the YouTube video below.

Start with a blog

Note for NewbiesI always start with a blog.  I decide upon the message I want to get across.  Before I start creating content, I use Google Trends to find one or more keywords that closely relate to that content.  I might use Hashtagify to find closely related Twitter hashtags.

The above exercise will help me create a title.  It will also give me some keywords that I will likely try to combine within the article.  (Careful: In order to get high rankings with the Google search engine, all of the ideas in each paragraph should flow naturally.)

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SEO your blog

I always use WordPress for my blogs.

There is a reason why a quarter of the websites in the world use WordPress.  One reason is because they provide so many free plugins such as SEO by Yoast.

From the beginning I start search engine optimizing (SEO) my blog.  I go down to my SEO by Yoast and decide upon a focus keyword.  That will be a keyword I got by using Google Trends and/or Hashtagify.  As I write the blog post, I make sure the points in SEO by Yoast are covered.

Starting the blog

I write out the idea I wanted to get across.  If it is less than 300 words, I use CurationSoft to get summaries of articles related to my topic.

Learn about blogging with consistent quality content.

Facebook, Twitter & Google Plus

For my social media marketing I always use a blog followed by Facebook, Twitter & Google Plus.  If I feel so inclined, I will also add Pinterest, YouTube, SlideShare and LinkedIn.

It is quick & simple to use Facebook, Twitter & Google Plus to promote your blog.  You are increasing the probability that the search engines will find your blog.

Same picture 3 social mediaTo the right is a sample of Facebook, Twitter & Google Plus all promoting the same blog post.  They all use more or less the same high-quality stock image.

However, note that the wording of the text is different in each one.  That is to make sure that the search engines to not penalize me for having duplicate content.

The “social” in social media

2 people having coffeeWith social media we are socializing with people.  We are not blatantly trying to sell them something.

If you want to sell people something, do it in a convoluted way so that they feel like they are socializing with you.

Subtle theme

Scam in Red Keyboard Magnifying GlassEven the theme of your posts may be expressed subtly.  I was recently a victim of credit card fraud.  I want to let people know about that but I don’t want to overdue it.

So, I made a blog post and a YouTube video about finding high quality stock photos.  It subtly linked to the blog post about credit card fraud.


Watch the YouTube video I mentioned above.  Read this page.  Pay special attention to the idea of 30 videos in 30 days.

Read the post about video marketing and getting started with YouTube.


Click the white arrows on the SlideShare presentation below.

Properly-made SlideShare presentations are powerful.  Your organic searches can be larger than your Facebook and Twitter searches combined.  Besides that, starting at slide #4 you can have multiple links to your web pages.


Read this article I wrote on LinkedIn.  It also subtly promotes credit card fraud.


Credit Card Fraud pinHere is the  Pinterest pin I created using that magnifying glass graphic.  See this Pinterest pin in the Pinterest website.

Note that as the months or even years go by, a Pinterest pin can become more popular.  This is opposed to Facebook or Twitter where your posts rarely get shared after the day they were first posted.

Also note that it is very important to have compelling photos.


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