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Soften music while voice clips play

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This blog post explains how to add voice clips into a video using ScreenFlow.  Then you will get free music from YouTube.  The music will soften while the other sound clips play.

Creating proper voice clips in 8 steps

The points below are a quick overview. For more precise instructions for editing voice clips, watch the video above.

    1. Type script into a computer file
    2. Make audio recording of that script
    3. Make ScreenFlow recording of many non-audio features of the video
    4. Split voice clips to delete silent partCopy & paste audio recording into non-audio video
    5. Delete silent part between each voice clip.
    6. Align each voice clip below the corresponding video clip
    7. Make sure there is at least one second between voice clips.  You have to give the viewer time to process the information.
    8. Slider 2Adjust the speed with the Clip Inspector or else use the Slider to make sure video clip corresponds optimally to each sound bite.

Adding music to YouTube video


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Find free music in 7 steps

  1. Genre Mood Audio LibraryClick on the help button at the bottom of your YouTube dashboard
  2. Search for free music
  3. Use the get music from audio library option to find the audio library.
  4. Click on Genre and then Mood to find a selection of possible candidates
  5. For instance, if your video is aimed at the general public and happens to have a happy theme, your genre & mood could be pop and happy
  6. Click on the triangle to the left of each selection to hear as much as you want.
  7. Download credit musicWhen you find the selection you want, download it into your download folder using the down arrow.  (If the line has an icon of a man, you must credit the person in your video description.)

Soften the music in 8 steps

  1. Highlight sound clips that are to remain loudHighlight sounds that are to remain loud
  2. Click on audio properties button
  3. Check ducking box
  4. Move ducking slider to the appropriate number.  (I chose 19).
  5. Audio ActionsClick Action > OK
  6. Highlight music clip
  7. Change volume and click Action > OK.  (I chose 48.)
  8. Watch your video and note how the volume softens whenever there is a voice clip.

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To get started making a SlideShare presentation, I usually use the Keynote slides I used for creating my YouTube video.

The YouTube presentation has a different aspect ratio.  In Keynote I go across to 44 and down to -22.  For a SlideShare presentation, I go across to 50 and down to 40.
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