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4. Combine pictures into the Pinterest pin collage

Pinterest pinI opened GIMP and created this Pinterest pin.

  • Click File > New to make a 600 x 1200 pixel box
  • Use screen capture software such as Skitch to capture copy of YouTube lesson form
  • Save form with a descriptive name
  • Experiment with different graphic sizes
  • Copy & paste the title graphic into place
  • Click foreground colour box and change colour to red
  • Click text tool
  • Pinterest pinClick font icon to change font to Georgia or Georgia bold
  • Click File > New to create a box with white background
  • Type “Learn how…” text into message that tells people what they can be learning. Note the white space to help people understand the message almost instantaneously
  • Use Rectangle Select tool to draw box around text. Make box no bigger than it has to be to include all letters
  • Use Image > Crop to Selection to isolate a smaller white box with the text
  • Give it a descriptive name
  • Copy & paste it  into the box
  • Copy & paste the other 3 graphics. Note that you may have to keep experimenting with different sizes
  • Change foreground colour to orange
  • Select regular Georgia font
  • Print “Go to” into appropriate space
  • Change font to Georgia bold
  • Type lines below “Go to”
  • Change orange foreground colour to darker orange
  • Type “email” & drag it on top of the lighter orange “email”. (Having the text in two different shades helps people recognize and remember it.)
  • Use Rectangle Select tool to draw box around useful part of collage. Idea behind that is to delete excess white space at bottom
  • Use Image > Crop to Selection to isolate useful part of collage
  • Give it a descriptive name
  • Change colour to a darker red
  • Click two-headed arrow beside colour boxes. (This will make the background colour dark red.)
  • Click on collage and then click File > New.
  • Increase the length and height by exactly 10 pixels each
  • Click OK
  • Click on collage and press Cmd C to copy into clipboard
  • Click on new red box and press Cmd V to paste collage on top of it
  • Right-click in Histogram-Layers panel and select Anchor Layer
  • You now have a collage with a 5 pixel border around it.
  • Use Image > Scale Image to change the width to 600 pixels
  • Make sure it has a descriptive name with the word Pinterest in it
  • Export it as a PNG file
  • Use the WordPress Add Media button to copy the new Pinterest pin into your appropriate web page.

Pinterest pin

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