How to Use Maths Puzzles to Gain More Traffic

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Most people love a number puzzle

Maths puzzles Genius testSemi genius math puzzleWhen you consider the popularity of Sudoku, you realize that people love maths puzzles.  Add one to your Facebook page and you can get lots of traffic to your blog.  That’s where people must go to find the answer.

The answer to the above puzzles are near the bottom of this web page.
How to create a math puzzle graphic.
How to find all of these related pages.

Related pages

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 Curated content

I wanted to write a blog post about maths puzzles.  So, I decided to curate the content.

I entered maths puzzles in the Google search box and began to search for posts about number puzzles.

I gave a quick summary of various websites.

Puzzle answers

Genius text 1 3 7 13If you are still wondering why y = 73, consider this formula: y = x(x – 1) + 1.  Sample a few numbers.  For instance, when x = 5, y = 5(5 – 1) + 1 = 5 x 4 + 1 = 21.  That checks out with the genius test to the left.


Semi genius math puzzle


The formula for this one is y = 2x2 – 1.  So, y = 2(62) – 1 = 72 – 1 = 71

How to create the genius test graphic

The genius test graphic will be displayed on more than this page and my Facebook page. It is a marketing tool to get people to my blog.

So, I wanted to use decent aesthetics and other marketing features. Here are the steps I used using the free GIMP photo editing software.

♦ Open GIMP
Blog on Barn Board♦ Open the blog on barn board graphic
Layers Panel new layerClick Image > Scale Image to reduce the width to 600 pixels
♦ Right-click on the Layers panel and select New Layer
Opacity layerClick the White radio button and then OK
♦ Reduce the Opacity to 90
♦ Right Click > Merge Down in layers panel
Color Picker Tool 2♦ Use Color Picker tool to select a color from the blog graphic.
♦ This will create a foreground color Genius text 1 3 7 13for your keystrokes when you create the puzzle.
♦ Type out the text
♦ Right-click in the Layers panel and select Merge Down.
♦ Click the double headed arrow beside the background and foreground colors
♦ While the genius test is still selected, click File > New
Math Puzzles Pinterest 2Add 20 pixels to default width and height of your new rectangle.
♦ Click OK and this will produce a rectangle same color as text
♦ Click on the test graphic and press Cmd C to copy it into your clipboard
♦ Click on your new colored rectangle and press Cmd V to paste the test graphic onto the colored rectangle
♦ Right-click in your Layers panel and select Anchor Layer
♦ Now your text graphic will have a 10-pixel border around it
♦ Select your blog on barn board graphic and click Image > Scale Image
Make it into a tiny image, click on it and press Cmd C to copy it into your clipboard
♦ Click on your math puzzle, press Cmd V and drag the tiny image to the place you want it to stay
♦ Right click on the Layers panel and select Anchor Layer
♦ Save the puzzle with a descriptive name, export it as a PNG file and upload it to your Facebook page 

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