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Link to a web page

This link will show you how to hyperlink from a SlideShare presentation to the web page of your choice.  The rest of this post tells more about how to improve your SlideShare presentation including your links.  (Note that you cannot start linking until slide #4.)

Special notes on “clickable links”

The HubSpot Blog website says that you will need Adobe Acrobat XI Pro to make a SlideShare slide hyperlink to a website.  You can buy the program from BuyTechSolutions.  It is expensive but really worth it.

Recent web posts about hyperlinking from SlideShare

Add YouTube video to a SlideShare Presentation

The Suite Minute website says

Are you taking advantage of being able to add your videos to a Slideshare.net presentation? It’s great for SEO and exposure to a business community. From their Website: “SlideShare is the world’s largest community for sharing presentations. With 60 million monthly visitors and 130 million pageviews, it is amongst the most visited 200 websites in the world. Besides presentations, SlideShare also supports documents, PDFs, videos and webinars.”

I’ve been busy on SlideShare lately, and wanted to share some tips that I think will help youRead more.

Earn a percentage of the selling price for every book sold.

Click here to learn more.

Add live hyperlink in PowerPoint or Keynote

Ana Hoffman’s Google Plus account says

You’d mostly use it for your Slideshare presentations.

In PowerPoint: from Formatting Palette (should automatically open up on the right when you start a new presentation), go down until you see Hyperlink

In Keynote: do the same in InspectorRead more.

Hyperlink-friendly environment

If you want your visitors to hyperlink lots, you have to have lots of visitors.  Below are some tips for making great SlideShare presentations and getting more visitors.

Demand greater than supply

As of the date of this post, there are not nearly enough quality SlideShare posts.  The demand is way bigger than the supply.  So, if you want to start getting lots of visitors, SlideShare is where you should concentrate most efforts. I emphasize: You MUST have quality posts.

  • Use Keyword Planner to make sure your message is something people want to hear.
  • You must SEO your page.
  • Use Keyword Planner keywords in your description and tags.
  • Restrict title to 65 characters and description to 155.
  • Useful information
  • Evoke emotions where possible
  • People often have trouble remembering more than 3 points.  One thing to remember when making your bullet points.
  • Encourage visitors to embed your presentation on their websites.

Each slide simple and free of clutter

  • Say enough to get a powerful message.  Then stop talking.  Fewer than 25 words per slide.  3 or 4 words is often enough.
  • Visitors must understand your slide within 3 seconds.
  • A dozen or so slides is usually enough.
  • Where possible, use graphics and pictures instead of words.
  • After you have a blog post you are especially fond of, use the pages as templates for most of your future slides.
  • Clickable links are not allowed in the first 3 slides.  Starting in the fourth slide, have clickable links.

HyperlinkInteresting fonts and eye-catching pictures

  • Remember about understanding the entire slide within 3 seconds.  As long as the unusual font is quickly readable, use it.  It makes your slide more interesting.
  • MUST have great pictures to have lots of visitors.
  • Search 8 different websites to find some amazing free stock photos
  • Or some outstanding photos for $3 each from the Adobe Stock.
  • Picture is often a metaphor for text on a slide.
  • Should often fill ENTIRE slide with an image.

HyperlinkColor combinations that make people want to look

  • Use a handful of the same colors throughout the presentation
  • You can use GIMP color picker to choose colors from a logo or important picture.  For instance, here the eyedropper was clicked on the water and the same color showed up in the foreground colors.
  • One or 2 of the colors should be consistent throughout presentation.

Presentation software

Learn one presentation software and get very good at it.  As time goes by, you’ll faster and faster at creating a presentation.

With Canva you can use their amazing software to design your own slides.  You can upload your own pictures.  Many of the pictures in their library are free.  Others cost $1 each.

Personally, I have never used Canva.  I use Keynote and GIMP.

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The SlideShare presentation below tells you how to use LinkedIn and SlideShare network to market your business.

 Hyperlinks for more information

You will notice how http://frewebdesign.club in the picture below is underlined. It is changed into a hyperlink.  To do that, I use Adobe Acrobat to change the Adobe Acrobat. So, with the images, the text, the links and all of the views, I can get lots of information out to the public much more quickly than Twitter or Facebook alone.

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PowerPoint for Mac: Create PDF with no margin / border



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