How to Fix SlideShare Errors

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how to fixSo, you’ve made an amazing PowerPoint presentation and uploaded it to SlideShare.  You look at it and notice a spelling error.  Or perhaps a picture is upsidedown.  What do you do?

How to fix presentation errors

Fortunately, SlideShare presentations are easy to fix.  You simply go into your PowerPoint presentation, correct the error and re-upload it into SlideShare.  You do not have delete your old presentation.  You do not even have to add the description over again.  The SlideShare people have made it very simple for you.

Re-upload without entering description, etc. again

how to fix

After you have corrected your presentation: ♦ Log into SlideShare.
♦ Hover over your face or whatever you used for your personal icon.
♦ Click My Uploads.
how to fix Find  presentation that you want to upgrade.
♦ Beneath it click Edit > Edit.
♦ Click Re-upload.
♦ Click Select File button.
♦ Double click the PDF file that has your presentation and
♦ Click orange upload button.

That is all you have to do.  Note that it can take SlideShare up to half an hour before you new presentation is up and running.  After that time, refresh your page that has the SlideShare presentation.  You will notice that your changes will be in effect.

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