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How do I insert a sound file (MP3) onto a web page?
When I enter my graphics to play a SoundCloud audio file, I get a large unattractive image.  How do I change that to something prettier?

Blogging FAQ

How to become an authority on your blog topic.
What is “evergreen content”?
How to find new, interesting content for your blog several times a week.
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Facebook FAQ

How do I add a Facebook “like” box to my blog?
How do I schedule a Facebook post?
How to create a Facebook page.
How to create a video for a Facebook ad.
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Use GIMP to stretch width while keeping height the same.  (I use this for my Facebook page cover.)

How do I crop a circle out of a layer?

I just downloaded a free copy of GIMP.  Now I have some very annoying new popup advertising on my Mac.  How do I get rid of it? 

Google Plus FAQ

How do I set up a Google Plus page?

How do I get an animated GIF into a Google Plus post?

Graphics FAQ

GIMP graphics editing software

Graphics package for your website

Free stock images from 9 different websites


How do I avoid getting repetitive strain injuries when using a computer?


If I want to jump to the middle of a page, what HTML code do I use?

How do I add a Pinterest HTML code snippet to an Income Activator page?

What is HTML and how do I use it?



How do I upload a photo to Instagram?


What is LinkedIn?

What is the proper way to start writing an article in my LinkedIn website?

How to make an amazing LinkedIn company page.

LiquidNet Hosting

After I have registered a new domain name with a domain registrar such as WhoIs, how do I make it show up on LiquidNet Hosting?

How do I password protect a file?

Mac computers

How do I speed up my Mac computer?

Keyboard shortcuts

Should I upgrade to El Capitan?


What’s the largest attachment I can add to a gmail?

How to I add a photo to the BODY of an email?

Mobile devices

Using a tablet, how do I navigate a complex horizontal menu?


How do I add a Pinterest HTML code snippet to an Income Activator page?

What makes Pinterest such a valuable social medium?

How do I create a link from a Pinterest pin to a web page?

How do I make sure I have text beside the entire Pinterest pin on a web page?  I do not want any white space.


How to I find out how much I’ve earned from Google AdSense?

How do I start making money online?


How do I remove adware from my computer?

How do I permanently delete files from Google Drive?

The security settings on my Mac will not allow me to open up some new software I downloaded.  How can I open the software without changing my security settings?

When I download free software, I sometimes get unwanted adware with it.  How do I remove that adware?

When I go to certain pages in Firefox, the page shows up.  Then after
a few seconds it switches to the Yahoo browsing page.  How do I stop

When I go to incomeactivator.com/users/ in Safari, my email address and dots for a password automatically show up.  How do I reverse it?


Search engine optimization with Keyword Researcher

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How do I make a SlideShare presentation


Tips for improving SlideShare presentations


How do I link from a SlideShare presentation to a web page?


What is the fastest way to fix an error in a SlideShare presentation that has already been posted?

Social Media

How do I schedule a Facebook post?

How to make money with social media

How can I shorten a URL?

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What should I know about HTML?


How can I check to see if someone has recently placed an order?


How does Twittter work?

How do hashtags work?


How does Twitter Analytics work?

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Windows computers


My add/remove programs feature does not remove all programs.  What should I do?



How do I change the thumbnail of a Wistia video?

Where can I find free music to use in my Wistia videos?


How to create a WordPress website

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Suddenly the pictures I download are too small.  When I expand them, they are fuzzy.  What’s wrong?

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I want the graphic on my home page to go all across the screen.  How do I remove the sidebar?


How do I stop those 9 related video links from showing up when a YouTube video stops?

How do I embed a YouTube video onto a web page?

How to make a YouTube video loop continuously on your web page.

How to make YouTube video open immediately when a web page is opened.

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Suddenly YouTube no longer gives any sound.  Why not?

How do I allow YouTube to play ads in front of my videos so that I can earn money from them?

How to find free music for my YouTube videos

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How do I edit closed captioning in a YouTube video?

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Special effects using Keynote or PowerPoint

How to I set the introductory picture (thumbnail) for a YouTube video?


faqQ. How do I change a page to HTML view?

  • A. Bottom left of content editor
  • HTML button
  • Clicking Normal button will show design view again.

faqQ. How do I link to the middle of a page?

  • A. You must first place anchor text at the point to which you wish to jump
  • For instance, in HTML question above, I had to link question at top of page to the answer
  • Placed the cursor beside answer
  • Clicked on the Income Activator anchor icon
  • Gave insert anchor panel
  • I gave it the logical name of html
  • URL for this page is www.freewebdesign.club/19860/Website-Builder-FAQ.htm
  • So, I simply inserted #html at end of that
  • Two icons left of anchor icon is the link icon
  • Clicked on that to get panel you see on right
  • Pasted new URL in URL box and clicked OK


Note that this new URL could be used to link to the HTML question from any web page in the world.


Q. How do I create white space between image and text?

  • A. When text is too close to an image, looks unprofessional
  • It is not good website design
  • So, I create a 14 pixel margin on right side of my images
  • If there are bullet points like this one, margin is 34 pixels
  • To do that, double click on image
  • Gives you panel you see here
  • Click the style builder tab
  • Then Border button
  • In dropdown box select Right
  • Add 14 to the Margin box
  • OK.


Q. If a page is too long, how do I split it in two?

  • A. For SEO purposes, usually best to have a page between 300 and 500 words
  • (The word count is in lower right-hand corner of content editor)
  • If page is too long, can create a brand new page
  • For page
    title, you can add something like “p.2” to end of first title
  • However, copying text and images in normal view usually erases
    formatting, images, and sometimes content
  • So, have to copy
    in HTML view
  • To do that, you should know something about HTML
    • When things are coded
      in HTML, tags around input will tell a browser such as Firefox or
      Safari how to display input


  • For instance, a line above says If a page is too long, how do I split it in two?  
  • However, it is not italics; it is in bold font
  • So, that sentence has to be surrounded by bold tags
  • The end tag will have a slash in front of the tag word
  • When are copying HTML code, have to make sure pairs of tags are kept intact


Steps for splitting a page

1. Create a new page
2. In normal view, decide upon logical place to divide long page
3. Copy (Cmd C) a string of unique text into clipboard
4. Go into HTML view
5. Cmd F > Cmd V to find place where find string of unique text
6. Highlight all the HTML code that has to be pasted into new page
7. Cmd C to copy it into your clipboard.  (Do not use Cmd X to cut it out.  Do not want to delete until have checked work)
8. Go into new page, change it into HTML view and Cmd V to paste all of the code
9. Go into normal view to check work.
10. If you are satisfied that things were pasted correctly, save page and then delete selected code from first page