Clean Up Mac Software

Slow Mac ?

If you use Apple computers, you will realize that Mac software is usually trouble free.  However, once in a while, things seem to slow down.

  • My ScreenFlow video editing software
    • Taking too long to upload YouTube videos
    • Wondering if  problem could be with Mac OSX
    • So decided to look at Macintosh hard drive, verify disk and verify disk permissions

Disk Cleanup

To clean up the hard drive, use disk utility.  So,

1. Click the spotlight icon,
2. Enter disk in search window,
3. Click First Aid

4. Click Run and wait until First Aid has repaired the errors.

More tips

Occasionally delete a images greater than one year old & empty trash.

A single hard drive cleanup may miss things. You may want to do 2 or 3 cleanups in a row.

The notes below are obsolete for me because of an upgrade in my  operating system

3. A number of choices come up

4. Click on Disk Utility — Macintosh HD

  • Disk Utility panel shows up
  • Select Macintish HD to speed it up.



  • Click on Verify Disk in lower right-hand side
  • That gave a number of Found but not expected errors
  • So, I clicked on the Verify Disk Permissions 
  • Computer is running faster now
  • Apple support person said people should verify disk permissions whenever their computer is running slowly
  • He says he does it on his computer about once a month

Disk Defragmenter

  • Remember the old days when you had a PC?
  • Every once in a while you would defragment
  • Verify Disk Permissions is much like the Windows defragment

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