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Editor’s note, 2016

YouTube seems to have changed their software so that the instructions below no longer work.  What I recommend you do to make videos loop continuously is make an online search for “video player plugins for websites”.

Alternately, you could go to the free video creation tutorial at It will teach you how to make animated GIFs. They loop for short periods of time such as 5 to 20 seconds.

Create a YouTube video loop

Today’s blog tells you how to make a YouTube video repeat over and over again on your web page.

Yesterday’s blog told you how to make a 3D video.  The video that was displayed had a few special features added: It began playing as soon as the page opened.  It did not display those nine related videos at the end.

Today we will use the same video as yesterday.  We will explain how to make it into a video loop.

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Computer code

If you go to yesterday’s video and click on the YouTube icon beneath it, you will be taken to the YouTube website.  Right-click on the video and select Copy Embed Code.  The code snippet below will be copied into your clipboard.

<iframe width=”640″ height=”360″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

If you had gone into the source code of yesterday’s blog before the video loop code was added, you would have seen that the code has been added to make it start upon opening the page and to prevent it from showing nine related videos.  The code snippets are added after detailpage and before the subsequent closing quotation mark.

allowfullscreen=”” frameborder=”0″ height=”360″

Note that the code for this particular YouTube video is 2EDbW4i_mQU?.  In order to loop, that code must be added after playlist=.  The video loop code is  loop=1&playlist=2EDbW4i_mQU.  The entire code for the looping video is below.


allowfullscreen=”” frameborder=”0″ height=”360″

And here is the video.


Special thanks

After I could not figure out how to make a YouTube video loop, I submitted a help message to my LinkedIn groups.  A very special online marketing specialist and web designer by the name of Eliecer Marchante graciously gave me the code that you see above.



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