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Free photo editor?

GIMP is a program that a group of programming volunteers created to more or less do what PhotoShop does.

I’ve been using GIMP regularly for the past couple of years and I really like it and use it a lot.

PhotoEditorXFor instance, I need GIMP to make proper Twitter posts.  A good Tweet usually has a picture accompanying it.  That way a person gets way more views.  However, parts of an image are often cut off unless the picture has the proper aspect ratio of 2 wide to one high.

When I send out a Tweet, I usually use GIMP to change the dimensions of the image.  (See Don’t Crop Twitter Image.)

Edit pictures like a pro


When you edit pictures, you can:

Change hair color
♦ Add highlights to hair
♦ Change eye color
♦ Remove pimples
♦ Remove freckles
♦ And much much more.

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