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Animator for videos


Keynote is the Apple presentation software corresponding to PowerPoint.  (All Apple software is free for Mac users.) It can be your animation creator:

♦ Animate your text.  In this example,presentation software Bouncy textit comes bouncing in beneath your picture.
♦ presentation software Photo spin outAnimate a still photo.  In this example, the photo spins out of the video.

How to use Keynote in 9 steps

The example below describes the production of an  introduction for a credit card fraud video.  The Facebook ad in the fraud says that people can get a free trial bottle of Garcinia cambogia.

All they have to do is pay for shipping and handling.  IF they look at their credit card statement a few weeks later, they will see that they were charged full price for the supplement.  Not only that, but they will be on monthly auto-ship.

1. Open Keynote

2. Select theme

I selected the white theme.

3. Clear off slide

Select everything in slide and press Delete key.

4. Add rulers

Show rulers




5. Change x/y axis to 44 & -22

x = 44In order to have the proper aspect ratio for your videos, change the x/y axes to 44 & -22.


6. Drag an image from Finder to first slide

Slide 1, effect noneAfter dragging image to the first slide, click the blue Inspector icon and make sure the build-in effect is none.


7. Drag image to text over picture

Green credit card fraudI selected the picture in slide 1 and then pressed Cmd C to copy it into my Confetti effectclipboard.

I pressed Cmd V to paste it into slide 2.  Then I dragged the image to text picture on top of the original picture.  Within the inspector I used the Confetti effect for 0.5 seconds.

8. Add moving text

Text box 2At the end of the video you saw how it says  To create that text, I

  • Clicked on the Text icon,
  • Color iconChanged it to bold,
  • Selected individual words,
  • Clicked on the color icon and
  • Selected a color from the menu that showed up.

In this example it has the fly-in effect going from right to left for a duration of 5 seconds.

9. Hit Play button

Set ScreenFlow to record and click the Keynote Play button


Using Keynote is an important part of YouTube video production.  Spend lots of time selecting an image in a slide and then trying different Effects for different times.  One at a time, select different images on a single slide and then play around with the order drop-down box.  Experiment with different Actions.

ScreenFlow features added

Click to Buy ScreenFlow NowNote that besides using Keynote, some ScreenFlow features were added to the video:


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