How to Add an MP4 Video within a Video

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Special effects using an MP4 video

This tiny tutorial will show you how to have a picture of a computer screen within your video.  The computer will be showing an MP4 video.  So, you will be having an MP4 video within a video.

MP4 video within video in 7 steps

Export to MP4 video
1. Using ScreenFlow, create the video that will be playing within the computer screen.

2. Export it onto your desktop as an MP4 file.

mp4 video Mac computer Empty screen3. Using GIMP, delete the inside of the picture of a computer.

4. Save it as a PNG file and drag it into a Keynote slide.

5. Drag your MP4 file from your computer desktop to the same Keynote slide.Click to Buy ScreenFlow Now

6. Size it to fit inside the computer screen.

7. Edit using ScreenFlow and upload to YouTube.

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MP4 file

An MP4 file is a file that can contain both video and audio. Videos shared on the Internet usually have an MP4 extension.

The YouTube video below explains what an MP4 file is. There are examples of how MP4 files can be used.

 This file name may have gone by too quickly: Click on it to see it now.

The video also tells you to go to this link:

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