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What is YouTube advertising?

Before you monetize your YouTube videos, you will want to know about the types of ads you can get paid for displaying. Below these images there are 5 different types of YouTube advertising.

Note that for YouTube advertising to be worth your while, your video really should be getting 1000 views per day.

To find six methods of monetizing your YouTube videos without YouTube advertising, see lesson 6 of the free YouTube tutorial.

1. Embedded ad

This is the type of ad that will be shown to the right of a YouTube video.

2. Overlay ads

These pop up on top of a YouTube video near the bottom.  If you don’t want to watch it, simply click the tiny “x”.

3. Skippable preroll ads

These are video ads that begin to play at the beginning of the YouTube video.  After 5 seconds, you can stop them if you wish.

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4. Non-skippable ads

These are video ads that begin to play at the beginning of the YouTube video.  You cannot watch the video until the entire ad has played.  The maximum allowable length is 30 seconds.

5. Sponsored cards

This are similar to overlay ads. They will appear sometime while the video is playing. They will be somehow related to the content of the YouTube video.

How much money can I make if I monetize my videos?

This is a very complicated question because there are so many variables. A few people make over a million dollars a year. Many make nothing.  Here are a few variables that can determine how much you make:

  • Are people even clicking on the ads?  If so, you can earn around $2 (USD) per 1000 views.
  • How much are advertisers paying to display their ads?  Different industries pay different amounts for ads. An insurance ad would cost more than a shoe polish ad.
  • Does YouTube think your content is good for ads?
  • How often do people skip the ads?
  • From which countries are people watching your video?  Rich or poor?
  • How interested advertisers are in advertising on your genre of channel.

The main secrets to making a decent amount of money

  • Make quality videos of the type that lots of people like to watch.  You want content that should attract huge numbers of viewers.
  • You may want to make money outside of AdSense. You can monetize your videos by displaying other people’s products or promoting your own products.

YouTube video creation

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