What Are the Most Important Marketing Fundamentals?

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The 3 marketing fundamentals

marketing fundamentalsThis blog post reviews a video by Alex Mandossian about marketing fundamentals. The man has some amazing insight into marketing. Make sure you click the link at the bottom to watch the video.

Alex says that the 3 fundamentals are:

  • Message — The message you want to get across.
  • Market — To whom do you want that message to get across.
  • Media — The more media you have to get the message across, the better.

The bicycle illustration

marketing fundamentalsTo illustrate his marketing concept, Alex uses a bicycle wheel.

The message is the hub of the wheel because it is the most important fundamental. If the message is unclear, the market audience will never find you. If your message lacks clarity, your marketing will not be able to get the message to your target market.

The media connects the message to the market. (Learn about social media.)

Click here to learn more.

The 3 Cs of your message

Con·cise, adj., expressing or covering much in few words.

The message must be

  • Concise,
  • Clear and
  • Consistent.

It must not lack clarity. If your message is concise, clear and consistent, you can instantly increase the pulling power of all marketing communications. You will make more money with the same amount of effort.

A good message:

  • Accelerates the marketing reach.
  • Reduces marketing costs.
  • Grows marketing engagement.

Digital messages

Digital messages come in many different forms:

  • Video. (See free course on making YouTube videos.)
  • Audio. E.g., people can listen while walking their dog.
  • Pictures. “A picture’s worth a thousand words.” E.g., the picture on the cover of the ebook pictured here helps to explain the subject.
  • Movement. Note the movement in the bicycle animated GIF above.
  • Engagement.You can ask questions and otherwise get the target market so interested that they will communicate with you.

Watch the video

To watch the complete video, click the play button on this MarketingOnline video.

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