Improve Your Video Creation Skills

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Why improve your videos?

Study the statistics below. You will understand why it is important for you or someone on your team to improve their video creation skills.

improveAccording to Marketing Profs, people remember only 20% of what they read if not accompanied by graphics.

The same website said that posts with a graphic have a 650% larger engagement rate.

WebDAM says that by 2018 79% of Internet traffic will be video content.

The same website says that viewers are 86% more likely to buy a product after watching a product video.

10 points to think about

Now consider these 10 points carefully.  At the bottom of this page there is a video to help you remember them.

1. Goals and Outline. Before starting to create your video, write down the precise goals of your video.  Jot down an outline of what your video should look like. Ask how you could improve it and rewrite it.

2. Tutorial. Go online a find a good free video tutorial.

3. Images. Improve the quality of your images. Go to FreeImages or Adobe Stock Photos.

4. Presentation Software. Improve your video by having more movement on the screen. Use presentation software such as Keynote or Powerpoint to animate your images and text.

 5. improveMP4. Add MP4 files to make a smaller animation within a video.  Here is a YouTube video giving an example of an MP4 file that can be shown within a Keynote presentation.  Notice that an image of a computer monitor is on top of the MP4 file.  Other things, such as text, can be happening on the screen at the same time.

6. Screen Capture. Use screen capture software such as ScreenFlow to capture all of the movement in your presentation software.  Then use it to edit your video.  (Note: You must have a Mac in order to use ScreenFlow.)

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7. Print and Voice. Rather than just using your voice, have print moving across the screen as you are speaking it.

8. Music. Present pleasant background music using audio ducking.  Then  isolate each voice clip so that your music background will be loud enough between voice clips and soft during the voice clip.

9. Image Beyond Voice Clip Freeze video frames so that each image clip goes beyond the voice clip.

10. Genre & Mood of Mucic. Go into your YouTube channel and then Creator studio > Gear icon > improveAdditional features.  Click on the “Help” menu and search for “music library”.  You will be told how to have access to tens of thousands of music clips for your YouTube videos.

Filter the music by genre and mood. Listen to many samples of music and choose an excellent music clip for each video.


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