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What is content writing?

Content writing is writing relevant material for the particular niche at which a website is aimed.  The Entrepreneur website says that good content writers are “marketing experts, SEO specialists, on-page coders and social media butterflies”.

How to find consistent quality content for your blog

I finally found a system that helps me find enough information every day or two to create high quality blog posts EVERY TIME.


Use a free version of CurationSoft to find consistent quality content for your blog. Simply go to the link and click on the Download for Free button.





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Amazing content writing for your new blog post

How often have you wanted to make a riveting new blog post but have found yourself with writers’ block?  You just cannot think of a topic in your niche.  I finally found a system that helps me find enough information every day or two to create high quality posts every time.  The SEO people call this “high quality content writing”.

My niche is social media.  So, every post must have something to do with social media.

I start with a broad subtopic such as Twitter.   Then I use the word Twitter in Google AdWords to find a good related long-tail keyword.

I rank the number of monthly searches by clicking the Avg. monthly search tab. Following in the footsteps of a lady who always made over $50,000 online every month, I found a long-tail keyword that had under 100,000 monthly searches.  (The lady usually preferred a keyword that has between 10,000 and 100,000 monthly searches.)  I chose Twitter Analytics because the suggested bid was $11.48.

I am using Google AdSense to advertise online.  Now, if Google AdSense is looking for a place to insert a pay per click (PPC) ad about Twitter Analytics, I am hoping they will choose my web page.  After all, the subject matter is Twitter Analytics and the term Twitter Analytics will be used many times in the post.  Every time someone would click on the ad, my share of the income would be approximately 68% of $11.48.

Find blog posts about Twitter Analytics

content writingNow this is where it gets very easy to find high-quality content relating to my niche.  All I have to do is open up CurationSoft and search for Twitter Analytics.   I can search Google Blog, Google Plus, Wikimedia Pages, YouTube … a total of 18 different authoritative sources.

These posts are from the most authoritative posts in my niche. My job is to write an excellent article that impresses my audience of people who were looking for information about Twitter Analytics.  I will get the information from at least 3 of the articles I found.

When writing the article, I keep these points in mind

  • Showcase my expertise and feel free to clearly lay out my opinion in MY post.
  • Weave a story around the curated articles that I am pulling out.
  • I mix and match for types of content.  I may pick out a book related to the topic, place an appropriate video on my post…. .
  • I must WOW my reader with my expertise.  At the same time, I am pulling out very valuable articles from the web (even books and/or videos) so that my reader does not have to go around hunting in the world wide spider web!
  • As I am writing, I write words which praise my sources and provide links to them.

Watch these two YouTube video to get an article creation overview.  Use full screen mode to that you grasp everything.


Granite pet memorial with dog photo laser etched engravedExample of a curated content blog post

The purpose of is to sell granite pet memorials.   The pet memorials are promoted with social media and Facebook advertising.  The picture you see on the right is used in their ads.

So, it just makes sense to have a blog about dogs.  In one post the author searched online for news about dogs.  He ended up finding a story about a dog of war that sniffs out bombs in a war zone.

So, he used CurationSoft to find five posts related to dogs of war.  You can find the post on the website.

8 tweet characteristics to help you get quality Twitter followers

The first video on this page said something about the characteristics of a good tweet.  A good tweet will help you get quality Twitter followers.

What do you think are some characteristics of a good tweet?  Write them down.  Do you have 8?  Here is a link to a web page with 8 characteristics of a good tweet.


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