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What are SlideShare background pictures?

background picturesBackground pictures are images that fill the entire image of a slide (or PowerPoint presentation).  By understanding what makes and what does not make a good background image, you can increase the probability of your audience enjoying your presentation.

People buy largely because of a mood that is created.  You can increase the probability of creating the right mood and therefore getting sales by having the right background pictures.

4 tips for choosing the right image

background pictures

1. White space is incredibly important.  If you can find a dead space with no clutter at all, that can be an excellent place to insert your text.  There is no clutter to distract the viewer.

background pictures

2. A blurred area can be an excellent place to insert some of your text.  When it is blurred, it does not distract the person from reading the text.  If your background pictures do not have blurred areas, sometimes you can use software such as GIMP, PowerPoint or Keynote to take a section out of focus.

Make sure you have enough contrast (color, dark & light) so that the reader does not have to strain his eyes to read the text.

background pictures

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3. Images with gradients can create white space in which to insert your text.   A gradient is a directional change in the color or intensity of an image.

Consider the image above.  It is easier to read the text in the upper right-hand light areas than in the lower dark areas.

background pictures

4. Textured images can be excellent background because they are less likely to have meaningful distractions from the text.

Texture King is a good website to find free textures.  Another good website is Lost and Taken.

More about background pictures and text

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Book cover design

The Digital Book World website says

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Hottest creative trends in 2016

The website says

About 93 percent of communication is nonverbal, probably because we process images and visual cues about 60,000 times faster than words.

With millions of users on sites such as Pinterest and Twitter, and Facebook with over a billion active users, the use of visuals becomes even more important. Visuals perform well on social media. Posts with a photo get about 120 percent more engagement on Facebook.

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Infographic with lots of info

On her Google Plus page Danni Wilson says

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Image within text

The River City Graphics YouTube channel says

Snow image in textIn this 60 second tutorial, you will learn how to put an image in Photoshop.

The video goes on to show how to insert an image within text.  Watch the video below.

To learn more design secrets, go to the Presentation Panda website.



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