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How to create a Wistia video

from a YouTube video in 13 steps

At the bottom of this post is a video that shows a picture of a man who won a funny face contest.  You can practice on that YouTube video to change it into a Wistia video.

    1. Open the YouTube video
    2. Open ScreenFlow and begin to record the screen
    3. Change the YouTube video to full-screen view
    4. ScreenFlow screen sizing iconPlay the entire video
    5. Press Esc to leave full-screen view and save your video with a descriptive name
    6. Click your screen sizing icon and resize the canvas to 1920 x 1080 pixels.
    7. Audio waves are too small in ScreenFlow timelineAudio waves are too small.  So, select the video clip.
    8. Click the audio icon
    9. Slide the volume button to its highest point and click Action > OK.
    10. If the video has unwanted material on it, you will still likely keep ALL of the audio.  So, right-click on the video clip and click Detach Audio.
    11. Icons show up on ScreenFlow videoNow you will isolate the individual shots that may have to be reproduced.   Study the YouTube tutorial if you do not know how to recreate a shot.  Move your scrubber to the very end of the shot, right-click and click on Split Clip.
    12. If there are unwanted icons at the bottom of a segment, isolate that segment. Enlarge it.  However, that could cut off some of the sides.  If so, the entire shot may have to be made over again.
    13. As soon as your video is ready to publish from ScreenFlow, click on File > Publish to Wistia

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Sample shot editing

The Wistia video below shows how I took one of the shots from a YouTube video and changed it into a shot for my Wistia video.

Editing questions?

Hopefully these 15 points with all of the hyperlinks will show you how to make a Wistia video from a YouTube video.  If you have gone through the YouTube tutorial and still can’t quite get it, feel free to fill in the comments form below.



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