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(Last Updated On: May 24, 2023)

How well is your advertising doing?

Do this near the beginning of your online advertising campaign: Use a good website statistics program to figure out what is and what is not working.  Then quickly adjust your advertising so that the stats will become more favourable.



Using Awstats for your website statistics

Awstats is a free program to help with your web analytics.  I use LiquidNet hosting.  They have Awstats, Webalizer, WordPress and many other programs available for your use at no extra cost.

Example of using Awstats

In the example below I used an Instagram ad to send people to a website explaining how to create a WordPress blog.

Daily statistics

website statistics awstats-number-of-visits-per-dayThe daily statistics chart showed that there were 559 visits to the website several hours after the advertising started.  This was way higher than any of the previous 13 days. So, I knew that the advertising indeed did attract visitors to my website.

Top 10 pages

website statistics awstats-top-10-pages-being-advertised
The Top 10 Pages chart tells you the top 10 pages that were visited during the month.  As you can see here, the page in the Instagram ad was the third most popular page for the month.  Considering the fact that the page was not promoted until November 14, it is obvious that the advertising is working to get people to the blog post.

Visit duration

 The column in front of this chart displays the amount of time a visitor spends on the entire website during the month.  The 87.6% stat shows that most of the visitors left the website in the first 30 seconds.  That almost for certain meant that most of those visitors did not see any of my advertising.
However, the stats for August, Sept. & Oct. were also close to 87%.  That suggests to me that most people spend less than half a minute on my entire website whether there is advertising or not.  However, this could change if I could figure out how to have incredibly effective advertising at the top of the page.  So far I have not figured that out.

 Search keyphrases

 These stats help you decide what pages people are really interested in.  That will help you decide where to advertise.


For more information about website statistics, go to the Awstats glossary.



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