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Job applied for

  • VAVirtual assistant (VA)
  • Providing administrative, technical & creative assistance to clients remotely.
  • Notice how there are some gaps in the circle you see here. That’s my job. To fill the gaps.

What I offer as a VA

There are over 200 entries in the blog on this website. Most of them are about social media marketing. All of the were written by me. I can

  • Set up a brand new WordPress website.
  • Do research for your blog.
  • Write one or many of your blog posts.
  • Create YouTube videos for you.
  • Create animated GIFs such as the one above. (Click the animated GIF to see some recent samples.)
  • Link to your blog posts from various social media.
  • Write a curriculum for a short online course.

My specialty, blog-animation combination

What I really enjoy doing is making blog-animation combinations:

  • Research
  • Write search-engine optimized blog post
  • Create matching YouTube video
  • Video will have URL of blog post
  • Have 1-3 animated GIFs strategically placed within the post

Because I’m so fussy about my videos, this could easily take 8 hours or more.

Earn a percentage of the selling price for every book sold.

Click here to learn more.

Work experience

  • Elementary school teacher for Calgary School Board, 1971 – 1976
  • Founded & presided over health food wholesaling company, 1976 – 2004
  • Adult ed math instructor in first nations college in Hobbema,AB, 1987 – 1993


  • University of Alberta, 1964 – 1968, Bachelor of Commerce
  • University of Calgary, 1970 – 1971, After degree certificate in elementary education

Your cost

  • $35/hour (CAD)
  • (That’s approx. $26 USD)
  • To get a fixed price for a project,
    • Fill in the form below including a brief description.
    • Tell me the objective of your project.
  • Make an offer.

Contact info

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Benefits of using a VA

If you are wondering why a business would even use a virtual assistant, consider these benefits:

  • Valuable skill set — The VA likely has specialized skills that none of your employees have.
  • Pay only for time spent on project— Why hire a new employee to handle just a few projects? It is likely that the new employee would be redundant much of the time.
  • Save on hiring a full time employee — We all have times where we are busier than usual. Don’t hire a full time employee for those times. You will have to pay them for the slower times.
  • Save on office space — The VA will work remotely. They take up no office space at all.



VAPeter Enns has been developing websites since 1996. As a VA (virtual assistant), he specializes in new website development, researching and writing blog posts and creating videos for YouTube and as animated GIFs. He is a social media blogger and author of the free YouTube video-creation tutorial called 7 Day YouTube.

VideoGuy Enns

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I've been a professional educator for years. Right now I'm creating short tutorials about many facets of video creation.

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