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Free program and adware 

I downloaded a free program that I wish to uninstall
uninstallAfter the download, I had adware on my computer
• On my website certain words had been changed to upper case blue
• Hovered over it, an ad showed up.

• Watch the short video below where I described my problem.

 Uninstall any program from PC

  • Perfect Uninstaller will uninstall any program for a PC
  • Will NOT work on a Mac
  • Download free trial of Perfect Uninstaller
  • Will uninstall corrupt programs that won’t uninstall using Windows Add/remove programs
  • Shows detailed information about programs installed on your computer
  • And much more
  • See the Perfect Uninstaller blog post

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Adware Medic to uninstall malware

I came across a blog called Searching for Ithaka.  This is what showed up:


Adware Medic and Removing Foul Stinks from your Computer. Adware Medic found a stink on the machine… .  I have searched and I’m still not sure of the exact nature of the stink (i.e. what was it doing).  It remains to be seen whether this will affect the reliability of Safari which has sucked great jagged boulders since installing the OS X Yosemite version.

It’s also not clear how any stinkware got onto the machine as it’s well-defended … but apparently not well enough defended to stop the current stink. ..


I am deeply grateful to whoever made that January 12 blog post titled Adware Medic and Removing Foul Stinks from your Computer.  Here’s what you should do:


1. Download Adware Medic.  (This link is for a Mac.)

2. Use it to remove your adware.  (It takes just seconds.)

3. Give the author a donation.  He has done an amazing job.

Perfect Uninstaller video


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