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 History of the Twitter emojis

twitter emojisOriginally an emoticon (short for emotion icon) was a pictorial representation of a facial expression.  Its purpose was to express the writer’s feelings or intended tone.  This would help prevent a misinterpretation of the writer’s  communication.  People often call them “Twitter emojis”.

That’s not quit accurate.  “Emoji” comes from two Japanese words meaning “picture” and “character”.  They first started appearing in Japanese cell phones in the late 1990s.

Emoticons were created to denote the writer’s emotional state.  Emojis can may be expressing something much broader. For example, someone in Japan could use the images of a clock, bus, and school building.  It would mean “it’s time to go to school”.

3 monkey emojis

There has been much discussion over the monkey Twitter emojis.  It’s got sort of silly.  Read the article in the Tech Times.

Many people do not know the difference between Twitter emoticons and Twitter emojis. They use the terms interchangably.  I suspect that eventually they will become synonyms.

In the beginning, emoticons were all made using a keyboard’s special characters.  For instance 🙂 would mean happy and 🙁 would mean sad.

Later on, text emoticons were often replaced with small corresponding images.  The colored symbols on the keyboard above would mean happy, indecisive and sad.  The facial expression definition expanded to included all sorts of things that people may be posting about.

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How to use emoticons

Use Twitter emojis to add much more emotion and information to a 280 character tweet.  And each emoji takes exactly one character.

One must use common sense when using emoticons.  Look at this example, Overusing them can render them virtually useless.

If you use too many, that takes away the intended effect.

How to find and insert Twitter emoticons

The YouTube video below tells you to go to the Secret Emoticons website. Click on the symbol in the Code column.  When the space turns green, it has been copied into your clipboard.  After that use Cmd V to paste it into your tweet.

You do not have to waste more than ONE of your precious 280 characters to tell people how weary you are.

Tips for using Twitter emojis

The Successful Lifestyle Secrets website gives you some tips for using Twitter Emoticons.  Their website says: Using Twitter emoticons can spice up the appeal of your tweets. I’ve been using them for a while and still have people asking me about them. It seems however, if you’re not careful, some emoticon sites can be nasty.     More

7 science-based reasons to use emoticons in your social media

The BufferSocial website says: Simo Tchokni of the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory and her colleagues used various metrics such as number of followers and Klout score to determine the traits of influential social media sharers—and emoticons were a common factor.   “The emoticon features achieved high performance, suggesting that there is a strong link between emoticon use and social power. Powerful users tend to use emoticons often and high Klout is strongly associated with positive emoticons,” the study concluded.     More


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