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Recent web posts about tweet effectively

I’ve gone into the social media and found recent information about how to tweet effectively.  The best information is introduced below.

How to tweet in your marketing campaign

The Social Quant website says

This is the most comprehensive list of Twitter Marketing Tips on earth. Whatever your goals are, you’ll love this list!

Whether you want to get more Twitter followers, get sales leads, or just increase your website’s traffic, this guide has you coveredRead more.

How to Set Up A Twitter Account and Tweet Effectively

The Tenacious Toys website has tips on different facets of how to tweet properly with Twitter.  Among other things it says

I can’t even tell you how many Twitter profiles are set up incorrectly or incompletely. This is a HUGE mistake that can be fixed in 5 minutes, and it will have a major impact on your follows. People take a look at your account profile and decide within 3 seconds whether they will follow you. Here’s what to deal with, from the top down. Read more.

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How to tweet — 19 tips

The Digital GYD website says
Here is how online marketers and small businesses can utilize the pin a tweet feature for more engagements, more followers and more shares and retweetsRead more.

How to tweet effectively for your business

The eDesign website says
Unlike Facebook, your tweet gets posted to the wall of every single one of your followers. People can also search for topics and see your tweet as well. So be sure when you tweet on behalf of your business, that it’s structured effectively to get the maximum impact possible. Here are some tips from our social media marketing team to take your tweeting to the next level.   Read more.

Top 5 Twitter tips

how to tweet

8 reasons why the tweet above is a good tweet

The tweet above is an excellent tweet.  Here are eight reasons why it will help to get more Twitter followers:

  1. Right away visitors realize they can get interesting and useful information.  In this example it is about how to get quality followers on Twitter.
  2. It has a high quality image relating to the subject of the tweet.
  3. There are hashtags but no more than two.
  4. There is a quality bio on the Twitter account.
  5. Every blog post has a Twitter link to the Twitter account.
  6. There is a link to my blog in the tweet.
  7. Spelling out the word “retweet”, it tells people to retweet.
  8. It has my photo and name showing that I am a real person and not a company, etc.

Zebra teeth4 more ways to get quality followers on Twitter

  1. Every one of my blog posts has an RSS feed.  Make sure RSS feeds are hooked up.
  2. Click on your hashtags and find tweets relative to your sub-niche.  Comment on them without being spammy.
  3. If someone else’s tweet in my niche is high enough quality, retweet it.
  4. Have high-quality, entertaining photos.  I often go to Adobe Stock and buy quality photos.  It improves that changes that someone will retweet it.

Avoid this!

Careful using humor on Twitter.  As Justine Sacco found out, people can interpret your joke in a completely different way than you intended.  You could end up getting fired.

Twitter profile

You want people to follow you on Twitter.  So, when people go into your Twitter feed, they must almost immediately get a sense of what your posts are about.

In my case, I want to have followers who are interested in social media marketing.  So, I tell them about my posts in my profile.  It says, “My tweets are about social media marketing. I post nothing but high quality information about social media.”

Twitter header & profile pictureThe header has logos of the 7 social media with which I work.  I have a decent profile picture to help brand myself.

Creating the header

For reasons I do not understand, Twitter made it difficult to create the ideal header. So, if these instructions sound weird, bear with me.  If you do what I did, you will follow the steps below to create your header.

Yellow Twitter header template

    1. Upload the above template and save with a descriptive name.
    2. Open it in GIMP and expand it to be 1500 pixels wide.  (It should be around 421 pixels high.)
    3. Go to the Texture King website and get yourself a free textured background.

Scale and break link4. Change the dimensions to 1500 x 421 pixels.  (You’ll have to click on the graphic of the links to do that.)
5. Add an invisible layer to the template and paste the texture into it.
Change opacity of top layer6. Temporarily change the opacity of the textured layer so that you can see the template.
7. Add graphics on top of the yellow part of the template.  You will create a picture describing the purpose of your Twitter account.  (Mine is social media marketing.  So, I added the logos of the main social media I use.  Each logo was on a different layer.)
8. Delete the bottom (template) layer.
9. Starting at the top, merge each layer down.
10. Save with a descriptive name and add it to your Twitter header space.

Scheduling tweets

The short article below is from a Twitter email.

To maintain a lively Twitter presence, you need to Tweet consistently. But you probably don’t want to spend every day glued to your Timeline.

In Twitter Ads, under your “Creatives” tab, you can schedule a Tweet to publish for a time when you’d rather be away from your phone or computer.

You do need a Twitter Ads account to access this feature, but you don’t have to spend money to use it.See more about scheduling Tweets through Twitter Ads or meet the media library — another hidden Twitter trick.Follow us @TwitterBusiness for other insights and updates or try Twitter Ads, which amplifies your efforts on Twitter.

YouTube video about getting quality followers

Someone with the handle of dieruvita posted the YouTube video below.   Peter Enns has been developing websites since 1996. He is a social media blogger and author of a free YouTube tutorial. It’s called 7 Day YouTube and will teach you how to make entertaining videos & animated GIFs.tweets

VideoGuy Enns

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