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Improving your Tweets

You can create more effective Tweets if you use Twitter Analytics.  You find and compare the statistics on a number of different Tweets you have made lately.  Look to see which Tweets gave you the best action.  Try to use that style for most of your Tweets.

Finding your own Twitter Analytics

twitter analytics It is simple to find your own Twitter Analytics.  Go to  Click the sign in button.  Key in your Twitter username & password.

How to Improve Your Tweets Using Twitter Analytics

I went to the Social Media Examiner website  and found a blog that was published on December 8, 2014:

Want to get more engagement on Twitter?

Did you know Twitter has a tool to help you analyze your tweets?  Knowing which tweets have generated strong engagement in the past helps you craft better tweets.  In this article I’ll explain how to analyze your tweets’ performance to improve your Twitter marketing.

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Using Twitter’s Analytics to Create More Engaging Content

Mack Collier’s blog has some excellent information on Twitter Analytics.  It began with

So this year I’ve been spending a lot of time analyzing the analytics that Twitter provides me for my tweets.  You can click on that link and find the analytics for your own account.  It shows you the Impressions, Retweets, Favorites, and Link Clicks for your tweets.  It’s also a great tool to help you understand how to create more engaging content.

One thing Mack learned from the analytics tool was that Tweets with pictures were 33% more engaging than those without.

To read more, go to and then press Cmd F to search for Analytics.




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