Technology Replacing Jobs

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Disappearing jobs

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The Digital Trends website tells us that 5 million American jobs are expected to be replaced by robots by 2020.   Technology replacing jobs is a huge problem.  As a result, many people are looking elsewhere for employment.

Replacement jobs

email-marketing-adIf your job has been or may be phased out, your new career could very well revolve around email, the Internet and related IT jobs. So, why don’t you click on the image to learn about value-added email marketing.

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Beware of Internet scams

With the changing job market, the scammers have entered the scene.  You may get an email claiming to be a woman in Nigeria. Her husband died and she would like you to help her get his fortune out of Nigeria.  In exchange you will get a big percentage of the inheritance.  Press “delete” as soon as you see this one.

Another one tells you that you have won millions of dollars.  In order to receive it, you have to pay a processing fee of several thousands of dollars.  Delete.

Those scam warnings and many more were from the About Tech website.  Read more.

Some are legitimate

Just because there are lots of scams out there, you should not reject them all.  For instance, lots of people make very good affiliate income on ClickBank.  (In this scenario, you promote a product online.  When people buy because of a link from your website, you get a percentage of the sale.)

My favourite online business is an affiliate marketing opportunity with a twist.  You earn money at home by helping people solve a problem they enquire about online.

Instead of simply promoting a product on your website, you offer to email them a free PDF file or video that would help them solve a problem.  So, they fill in a form and you email them the free information.  As the days pass, you will email them more related free information.  It is genuinely useful information.  After you develop a relationship with them, you will offer to sell them something.

If they buy the product, you will develop an online relationship with them even further.  Hopefully you will eventually sell them related products.

I have been studying one company that uses this system.  They are legitimate and I would not hesitate dealing with them.

Using this system, some people made good money even during the recession of 2008 – 2009.

Earn money online with fewer working hours

technology replacing jobs earn money online Gold laptop with money fallingOnce you learn the system, you can earn money online. You can make a good living and most likely have fewer working hours than you had at your previous job.

Monetize your blog

Ad Learn how to sell affiliate products using your blog.  Learn about value-added email marketing.

See this article from the Eugene Mota website: Top 5 Techniques for Monetizing Your Blog.

Technology replacing jobs to robots

Watch the video below to see how robots are removing more jobs that they are creating.  The “earn money online” system is one system that will work even if technology is replacing your job.

Obsolete jobs

Read about technology replacing jobs.  Read about 30 jobs that are becoming obsolete.

Amazon is first choice

According to Bloomberg News

More than half of U.S. online consumers begin their product searches on Inc.’s website or mobile app, a survey found. . . . Fifty-five percent of those surveyed go to Amazon first when searching for products, an increase from 44 percent a year earlier, according to a Labor Day weekend poll of 2,000 people released by the Internet marketing firm BloomReach Inc.  Read more.

One side effect of this: If you are working in retail, your job may be threatened.  Perhaps it would be a good idea to get skills in a future-oriented career that will not become obsolete for a long time.  You can keep working in retail full time while earning money online part time.  You will be prepared for the time when technology replaces your job.




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