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The Web Hosting Secret Revealed website says

In this post, you will find 8 methods to structure your post and speed up your writing that I personally use when I work on my blog posts. Whether you use all of them or just some, according to your personal writing process, you will write more quickly and efficiently, without stress.   Read more.

The Digital Marketer website says

Most of the advice you’re getting about blogging is DEAD WRONG. We know because we’re operating blogs in dozens of niches and we test EVERYTHING.

One of our most successful blogs,, has grown to one million in sales. That’s not annual sales.  We generate one million in sales every month — and growing.   Read more.

The Banklinko website says

Today I’m going to show you how one entrepreneur used viral marketing to generate 17,584 unique visitors to a brand new website.

In one day.

And he accomplished this despite having:

Zero connections.

Zero Twitter followers.

Zero marketing budget.    Read more.

The website says

Some communicators are so good at what they do, we hang on their every word. They can make anything interesting, from Hot Pockets to the stomach flu. They just happen to call themselves comedians… .

Comedians live and die on engaging their audiences. Take Brian Regan—he can talk about the serving size of Fig Newtons, and you’ll still want more at the end. Fig Newtons aren’t funny; they’re completely unimportant.

Brian proves it’s not what you say; the magic is in how you say it.   Read more.

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