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Free Jing screen capture program

Download a free Jing program.  You will be able to screen capture any area in your computer screen.  Not only that, but you will be able to record up to 5 minutes of video action on your screen.

Suppose you are trying to explain a computer problem to your tech guy who lives in a different country.  You can use Jing to capture that part of the screen with the problem and record your voice as you are describing the problem.  Then you email him your little video file.

Start using Jing in 6 steps

1. Download Jing

Go to the Jing website.strong>2. Click free download button
After you click the blue download button, select Windows or Mac.

3. Double click on Jing

screen capture jing-in-applications-folderOnce you have downloaded Jing, double click Jing in the applications folder.

4. Hover over the sun

screen capture jing-sun-captureThere will be a sun icon in the extreme upper right-hand corner of your screen.  Hover over it.  Click on the circle with the plus sign.

5. Rectangle on your screen

screen capture jing-capture-an-image-of-social-media-logoWith your mouse, draw a rectangle on your screen over the area you wish to capture.  If you wish to capture that as an image, click on the yellow Capture an Image icon.  (Note that the function of each icon shows up when you hover over it.)  Save your computer as a PNG file with a descriptive name.


6. Create a video

Rather than save an image as a PNG file, you can screen capture action and save the action as a video file.  As it is recording, you can add your own voice with explanations.
You can then email the file to someone.  For them to see the video, all they have to do is save it to their hard drive and then copy and paste it into their browser address bar.  (This will work for Chrome, Firefox and other swf-file-in-browser-windowbrowsers.)


Jing video

Watch the video below to get a further understanding of how Jing works.

Man captured by a screen



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