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Social Networking around a Pinterest image

Make Video Ad PinterestTo the left is an image that someone posted on Pinterest.  It is ideal for a fairly broad social networking campaign.

Until you have an established brand, your strategy should revolve around following lots of people and getting lots of followers.  This image will help you do that for several reasons:

1. The “orange dart” image will grab people’s attention & make them curious.  You can use in in Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc. to grab people’s attention.

2. It is artistic enough to get people sharing it.

3. It is the right size for a Pinterest image.   To maximize the chances of going viral, this is the right size range:

♦ Minimum — 600 x 900 pixels.
♦ Maximum — 600 x 1900 pixels.


Target 3 orange dartsFor social networking with Facebook, I would use the orange dart picture to grab their attention.  Then I would take an idea from the main image such as “define target audience.”  I would have it link to a blog page that has my main Pinterest image.

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Target 3 orange darts Twitter

To avoid cropping issues, a Twitter image should be twice as wide as it is high.  Use the related blog post to help you make that.

I would link the tweet to the blog that has the image from Pinterest.

Google Plus

Google Plus LogoThe Google Plus post would be similar to the Facebook post with slightly different wording.  Make sure your social networking  posts each have slightly different wording.  Otherwise the search engines could penalize you for having duplicate content.


Pinterest logoTo pin this image onto one of your Pinterest boards either click the “pin it” note in the upper left-hand corner of the picture or else go to the Pinterest website to click on the same text.

Remember to have at least 10 Pinterest boards and to post things or else repin someone else’s images to Pinterest every day.


Click to watch each slide in the SlideShare presentation below.  You can link to various pages starting at the fourth slide.



The last social media we’ll discuss in this blog post is YouTube.  It can take a long while to learn how to make very good YouTube videos.  Here is a free tutorial that will help you out.  Note that in the tutorial they are using ScreenFlow.  That is an excellent video editing program that only works on a Mac.

The video below was created with ScreenFlow.

Pages related to social networking


The Modern Connection website says

Here are three things you should know about  Pinterest hashtags that are different from other social networksRead more.
You must learn about Hashtagify.

Linking Pinterest to Facebook

The ProPaintMobile website says

Pinterest allows you to use infograhic and Facebook is the world largest social networking platform which connects millions of people everyday.
Below are some short steps on how to link your pinterest account to your Facebook account.  Read more.

How to attract customers through Pinterest

The Entrepreneur website says

In a sea of other social networking options, there are a number of reasons why you may want to pay attention to Pinterest—the networking site that allows users to create online image collages, then share those collages (called “pinboards”) with other Pinterest users—and possibly move it up on your list of marketing prioritiesRead more.



social media marketing

Inevitable Social Media
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