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Graphics are necessary

I never post on the social media without having a graphic.  You need that to get their attention.  It also tells part of your story.  Use the best images.

The JAWS poster

Jaws movie poster and Spiderman parody -- Best Images

If you want a good model for creating a graphic, look at the old JAWS movie poster.

You gotta be jealous of the guy who created that poster.  He did everything right.

I read an article called Movie Poster Creates JAWS-dropping Visual Storytelling Lessons.

The article said the graphics represented one of the best images in the industry because
♦ It is so iconic that people parody it.
♦ “JAWS” is in all caps making the reader slow down and think about it.
♦ The title is in red suggesting blood.
♦ The title is surrounded by white space to make it stand out.
♦ The swimmer is a naked lady.
♦ The shark is the same color as the water making the teeth stand out.
♦ There are bubbles beside the shark indicating speed.
♦ It told a story in about 2 seconds.
♦ It promised the potential viewers of the movie that they would see exciting action.

Go and read the article now.


Movie poster cliches with the best images

The Tech Insider website says

Eyeball and blue skyChristophe Courtois used his art skills and an extremely critical eye to create incredible collages of the 13 most overused movie poster cliches.  … Horror movies especially love an extreme close-up on someone’s eye. But they aren’t the only genre to use this tropeRead more.

Headless woman blog

The Self website says

Beautiful woman with long legs walking around New York City street wearing jeans shorts. Rear view.

Your favorite movies … are advertised through posters showcasing starring actors  … handful have opted into a problematic, yet pervasive, trend: They erase the faces of women. On poster after poster, Belsky saw a man’s face alongside a woman’s faceless, unidentifiable, and often sexualized body, and she decided it was time for this tired trope to stopRead more.


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