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Create an Animated GIF


The left-hand portion of this image was at the top of one of my blog posts.  Even though it said, “click here”, only one person clicked on it.  By combining that image into an animated GIF, I am hoping to increase my click-through rate.The above animation is telling people to click in a much more powerful way than the still picture ever could.  If you are into online marketing at all, it is important to learn how to make animated GIFs.

The purpose of the above animation is to create more calls to action (CTAs).  A good animated GIF can increase the CTAs without being too distracting.

Explain things in seconds

Watch the animated GIFs on this page. See how very complicated concepts can be explained in just seconds using an animated GIF.

Create your animated GIF in 6 steps

1. Choose the pictures you will usebuilt-in-effect

2. Set up your story on Keynote


3. Choose the effects you want

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4. Using ScreenFlow 6.x or better, record your Keynote slide presentation

5. Edit ScreenFlow video to maximum size of 500 x 500 px. & shortest time reasonable.

screenflow-export-menu6. File > export. Set preset as animated GIF.  Click
on export button.



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