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3-step proven formula for success

1. High quality products your demographic wants

Passive income opportunity. There are lots of high quality products available that other people have created.  The creators will pay affiliate marketers a healthy percentage of the selling price when they sell a product.

Some people are earning  6 or 7 figures every year without ever creating their own product. The get affiliate products from websites such as ClickBank.

2. Automated list-building system to find qualified buyers

Learn how to give some valuable information to people for free. In exchange for that, they give their email addresses.  Learn about value-added email marketing.

3. Automated sales closing process

passive-income-affiliate-mktg-yellow-arrowsA good email marketing program does more than help you build your list. It shows you how to have a relationship with people on the list.

You build a trust. You send them valuable emails they WANT to receive. After about 7 emails they trust you so well that they pull out their credit cards and buy.

Earn a percentage of the selling price for every book sold.

Click here to learn more.

Example of a passive income website

The 7 Day YouTube website is designed to give the owner a passive income.

Notice the signup form. When people fill it out, they will automatically be send an email every day for 7 days. Each email will give them more information on how to create entertaining YouTube videos and animated GIFs.
The emails are sent out using the AWeber email services.



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