How to Create a Short Video with a Powerful Message

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Your problem

short videoHere’s your problem: The shorter the YouTube video, the more people will watch it. So, how do you make a short video that includes all of your very important message?

The solution

Start by having a web page that presents your message quite succinctly. Then, using different words, write the succinct message in a way that can be presented in your short video.

Wherever possible, express your idea with an image instead of a words. Integrate your succinct message into your video.

At the end of the video, write out the URL of the web page. Show it statically for about 20 seconds so that your video doesn’t quickly change to your competition’s video.

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An Example

short videoI was promoting an ebook called How to Serve Customers with Disabilities. It is an ebook that is available on Amazon.

I had previously written the succinct description of the ebook below.

You may be trying to serve customers with

  • Down syndrome,
  • A wheelchair,
  • Vision problems,
  • Hearing problems,
  • Dexterity issues,
  • Memory problems
  • Or any of a wide variety of disability issues.

How to Serve Customers with Disabilities will help you make these customers feel more included. Often people with disabilities can feel marginalized. What you will learn in this training manual can help you make these people feel like returning to your business.

As you can see in the video at the bottom of this page, the description above is included in the short video along some appropriate images. Note that the URL of the web page remains for around 20 seconds.

After I was finished the video, I posted it on this Facebook page along with a few words of explanation.

Free online course for making a short video

short videoGo to 7 Day YouTube for guidance on how to make your short video.

(The repeating video here is called an animated GIF. Learn how to make them.)


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