Selling on Amazon with Lots of Social Marketing

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Make money with social marketing

A previous blog post promoted a product that helps people sell Amazon products from their blogs.  The product is called InstaSite Wizard.  The more visitors who come to the post while selling on Amazon, the more copies of InstaSite Wizard will be sold.  That’s where social marketing comes in.

To get more visitors I can use paid advertising and/or I can use social marketing.  This page is about using social media to get people to the InstaSite Wizard blog post.

Twitter to help with selling on Amazon

money with amazon 2Always have an eye-catching picture.  Tweets with photos are twice as likely to be retweeted.
♦ Use one or two trending hashtags.  Having hashtags increases the probability of being retweeted by over 55%.
♦ (HashtagifyMe said #Amazon had a popularity of 82.3 and #money had a popularity of 75.2.  100 would be the most popular and 0 would not be used at all.)
♦ Include “please retweet” or “pls retweet”.  That doubles your chances of being retweeted.
♦ Learn more about retweeting.
♦ A Tweet links to the InstaSite Wizard blog.  It is the one that includes the picture above.
♦ Learn more about Twitter.  After you read that page, scroll over the blog tab and scroll down to “Twitter”.

Earn a percentage of the selling price for every book sold.

Click here to learn more.


♦ Learn how to create a Facebook page.
♦ See the Facebook post connected to InstaSite Wizard.  (It’s the one with the above picture.)

Google Plus

♦ Learn more about Google Plus.
♦ See the Google Plus post related to InstaSite Wizard.  (It’s the one with the above picture.)

Selling on Amazon with YouTube

♦ Learn how to create a high-quality YouTube video.
♦ See the YouTube video related to InstaSite Wizard.


What is SlideShare and how do you use it?
♦ See the SlideShare post relating to InstaSite Wizard.


♦  What is Pinterest and how do you use it?
♦ See the Pinterest pin relating to InstaSite Wizard.


♦  To learn a great deal about blog writing, hover over the blog tab in the horizontal menu and click on some of the posts.
♦ See the blog relating to InstaSite Wizard.


♦  Learn about LinkedIn.  To learn even more about Linkin, hover over the blog link on the website.
♦  It’s good social media marketing to go to LinkedIn and publishing lots of your own posts.  To create a post, go to your LinkedIn home page and click on the “Publish a post” button.
♦  Read the LinkedIn post promoting InstaSite Wizard.

Learn social marketing

This post discusses 8 different types of social marketing.  If you are not used to using all of them, don’t start too fast.  Learn them one at a time.  Then you can reasonably use social media to help with your selling on Amazon.


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Go to the InstaSite Wizard web page to learn more.

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