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Twitter cropping image

photo resizer Infinity symbol loopI once tweeted an explanation of how to make a YouTube video loop continuously on a web page.  The picture from my blog page was the stylized infinity symbol you see on the right.  I did not realize that I needed a photo resizer.

photo resizer Infinity continuous loopI tried inserting that same picture on my tweet.  The top and bottom were cut off as you see in this image.

Photo resizer to fix my problem

I realized that the images in Twitter were twice as wide as they are high.  This blog post explains how you can use a free copy of the GIMP program to change the aspect ratio of your picture.

photo resizer Creating the 2:1 aspect ratio

The predominant color in the photo is pink.  So, you can use GIMP as a photo resizer.  You could create a pink rectangle with three important Sled dog whistlercharacteristics:

1. It will be the same height as the photo photo you want to insert.
2. The photo will be inserted in the centre of the pink rectangle.
3. It will be twice as wide as it is high.

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Creating the pink rectangle

Color picker GIMP tool1. Click the GIMP color picker tool over the pink jacket to create the right shade of pink.
2. Select pink as the background color.
3. Create a rectangle the same height as your picture and twice as wide.
4. Using Cmd C, copy the picture into your clipboard.
5. Using Cmd V, paste it onto the pink rectangle.
6. It will automatically go into the centre.
7. Save the image as a PNG file
8. Use it in your Tweet.

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