Twitter Followers, 14 Tips for Getting More

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What’s important?

In order of importance, this is what you need for your Twitter account:

1. Quality posts
2. Large quantity of Twitter followers

You most likely want to subtly sell your Twitter followers something.  However, what you sell is not the reason people come to your posts.  They want some worthwhile information.

So, selling must be a secondary or tertiary activity.  You want to have high quality content so that people will read it and keep coming back for more.

Twitter FollowersI once made a blog post about how to find enough data to write quality blog posts every time.  If you cannot figure out how to make a particular post interesting, don’t write it.  You want a reputation of a person who ALWAYS writes interesting posts in his/her blog.  Then link from Twitter to that post.

Getting more Twitter followers

Here are 14 tips on how to get more Twitter followers:

1. Link to nothing but QUALITY posts (yours and other people’s).
2. Have a graphic in every tweet.  Make sure it has the right aspect ratio.
3. Tweet often enough to get followers interested.
4. Have an interesting bio with a good head shot.  Expect that many people will read your bio before deciding to follow you.  So, make your bio compelling.  Begin by giving the theme of your tweets so that people will know whether or not they want to follow you.
5. Create a Twitter list and try to follow the people on your list.
6. Use (but don’t overuse) #hashtags to find people of similar interests.
7. Follow anyone who follows you if their theme is similar to yours.
8. On your blog posts, use a Twitter logo with a link to your Twitter account.
9. news about social media marketingUsing your Twitter search box, search for the theme of your Twitter account.  Click on the “news about” link and then hover over each avatar.  If the profile matches the theme of your Twitter account, follow them.  After you are finished checking out each profile, click “refresh” to get a new list of avatars.
10. Add “Pls retweet” to the end of your tweets.
11. Announce free stuff, special discounts, special events and upcoming sales in your Twitter account.
12. Look at a few posts from each person who follows you.  If they are related to the theme of your Twitter account, follow them.
13. Use humor, trends & statistics to get people to retweet you.
14. Place follow links on your blog.

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Twitter listTwitter lists

1. Start creating a Twitter list by clicking on your avatar to open the dropdown box.
2. Click on “Lists” to bring up a “Create list” button.  Click on it.
3. Give your list a name and a description with keywords appropriate for your theme.
4. Hover over each avatar in your list.
5. If profile has same theme as yours, follow.

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