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 Adding a second Twitter account

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Are you blogging about a brand new subject? You want your Twitter account to link to that blog.  So, get a second Twitter account for the new topic.

Setting up your new account in 7 steps

Follow the steps below to get your second (or third, etc.) account.  The account does not even have to be owned by a person.
Log out of Twitter account1. Go to
2. Click on your profile picture to log out of your Twitter a/c.
3. Follow the prescribed procedure for creating a new account.Twitter logo
4. Click on the Twitter logo in the upper left-hand corner.
5. Make sure you use an email address  you’ve never used before with Twitter.twitter account New to Twitter
6. Get unique username and passwords.
7. Decide what you will use for a profile picture.  It does not have to be you. Write down your username, password (preferably cryptically) and email address in an easy-to-remember place. You’re done.  Your new Twitter account has been set up.

P.S. Always remember to log out of one Twitter account before using a different account. Otherwise, you post could go into the wrong account.

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One minute video

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2nd Twitter account to iPhone

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How to create a new account



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